Imagine a world where decisions and actions throughout business, government, education and religion are made for the dignity, mutual benefit and well-being of all and not limited by the self-interest, gratification or enrichment of a few. Leading as Love is a global movement to generate a new context for what it means to be a Universal Leader™: establish common ground and serve the greater good.

Leading as Love in Practice

Leaders commit to take full responsibility for the world we create by acting from thoughtful consideration of short- and long-term consequences and the well-being of all. The primary questions are: What do we care about? In whose interest are we taking this action? How can all benefit?

Business enables all individuals to contribute with meaning, purpose and fulfillment by creating products and services that benefit society and generating and sharing society's wealth.

Government considers, collaborates and acts to solve society's issues, local and global, human and environmental.

Education develops the leaders of the future with moral courage for thoughtful decisions and action.

Religion facilitates universal human dignity and humanity's evolution.

You are invited to join this quiet revolution.

Committed to Making a Positive Difference

Leaders establish unity in diversity, a common ground for relationship that enables productive and progressive outcomes. Leading starts with a simple commitment to care about each other as human beings. We then naturally seek to understand and respect one another. From care, understanding and respect, leaders respond fully to shared human needs for dignity, well-being and fulfillment. This is the essence of love. When love is the intention, leading becomes a cooperative way forward where everyone thrives: Leading as Love.

Our focus is no longer on “acting” in a particular way or driving a particular viewpoint. Our focus is on embodying an intention for universal well-being where everyone benefits and joins together to co-create a thriving future.

This is not new.