We Can’t Change What We Don’t Own

May 31, 2020

This afternoon I sit in silent awareness with my Soul, reflecting on and confronting a lifetime of complicity with what is unfolding before us… shining a Light on my shadow, watching scene after scene in my memory when I participated in our subjugation and oppression by the white supremacy and privilege of the patriarchal world order of hierarchy, domination and control.

My silence. My apathy, “it’s OK.” My indifference, “not my problem.” My “playing nice”, “kissing up” and “looking good” to get ahead. Playing my role as a subordinate female. My own implicit biases towards POC and others. Playing by rules intentionally meant to dehumanize all of us and deny the truth that we are ALL EQUAL as human beings, as Souls.

The system was built this way. This is going along with our white privilege. There is no such thing as “non-racist.” “Neutrality” is a cop-out. Unless we are actively anti-racist, the default is that we are racist.

We all have bought into the Big Lie that “successful people” equates to power and wealth and those who have it are to be worshiped and glorified. We have bought into the lie that tax cuts trickle down and all the other permutations of the Big Lie. Conformity and compliance with the lies are our self-destruction.

These beliefs and others that we unconsciously live by are violent weapons of words and actions. They violate the Truth of our inherent Value, Dignity and Divinity of our Souls. They destroy democracy and the rule of law which are our social contract and spiritual covenant of the divine manifestations of our equality of souls. The social contract has been broken; our spiritual covenant, our pledge and perpetual agreement and promise as human beings, must now come forward if we are to survive.

What we disown wreaks havoc. Until we each confront ourselves and explicitly acknowledge and own our personal complicity, the criminal corruption in government and business and the violence in society will continue.

We are looking at what we ALL have created by our individual choices played out in the collective. What’s playing out is the corruption of our human conscience, our souls; what on the inside shows up on the outside. We are ALL responsible for George Floyd. We are ALL responsible for DJT. If you ignore this, you are in delusional denial.

If we’ve been silent because my “life is good” and “it’s not my problem”,  we are complicit and directly accountable.

We can’t change what we don’t own. And once we do, we can’t help but change. Owning OUR part is the Self-Respect, Self-Awareness, Self-Love, and Self-Actualization as a human being of Leading our Lives as Love.

It’s time to look in the mirror and take responsibility and accountability for ourselves AND for one another in the world we create and our role in this moment. We are all answerable for our choices and actions. Until we do, fear and divisiveness will continue to govern our lives. The paradox is that our unique Sovereignty of Soul is what unites us as human beings.

The only way out is in and through.

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