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In The Best of Us, Cleve Stevens has written a brilliant and profound book.   While the content is focused on mastering what he calls Transformative Leadership (TL), this book is not just for people in leadership roles.  It is a call for all of us to lead, not manage, our lives.   Leading is about being fully who we are not just what we do.  Cleve shares a process for being and becoming a true leader by first leading one’s own life. If we are to lead our lives, we need to “take ourselves on” and confront our “stuff.”  Only then can we break free from the prison and tyranny of conforming to our personal and cultural conditioning with our unconscious and automatic reactions.  The book gives us the permission and the way to do this with the challenge and support of guided activities that are both personal and practical.   So, whether we are in a leadership role or not, if we are willing to take on the challenge, this book expertly guides us to be The Best In UsA great read!

Here is a great post:  Three Qualifications for the New Politician by James O’dea.  Highly recommended.

In his book, The Great Growing Up: Being Responsible for Humanity’s Future, John Renesch captures the essence and magnitude of the choices of our awakening consciousness and what it means for humanity.  The breadth and depth of concepts and topics covered reflects where we have been and clearly lays out the context for the future.  John makes the distinctions and offers a lens for our choices without introducing the polarities of dogmas.  He issues an invitation for how we can move forward with a sense of an expansive hope and profound responsibility for each of us.

Tamara Woodbury is the CEO of the Arizona Girl Scouts.  In her article, Leadership:  What’s Love Got to Do with It?, she describes how she came to embrace and master leading from a place of love and its broad impact on the effectiveness and success of the organization.  She offers a brief but thorough description of her leadership practices, challenges and the outcomes.

Here is my take on What’s Love Got to Do with It? in organizations.  It was originally posted on the Human Resource Planning Society blog, HR Strategies.

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July 13, 2012 Interview on The Best of the Valley/Shore WLIS/WMRD.

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For those who believe that leading is a profession, the Center for Leadership Studies offers the preeminent Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership through the Graduate Institute.

Leading as Love offers a discussion group through Linked In, Leading as Love Mastery. This is a members-only community for those who would like to master Leading as Love.  Join the Linked In Leading as Love Mastery Group here.

The Book: The Heart of the Matter: Leading as Love

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