Leading as Love Is Not New

Most, if not all, leadership frameworks of the past 30+ years have focused on leadership roles rather than leading our lives.  They have pointed to Leading as Love without naming it. They generally describe the surface features, the behaviors and characteristics, without getting to the deep structure, the underlying intentions. The leadership models go by many names:  Servant Leadership, Transformational Leadership, Authentic Leadership, Primal Leadership, Conscious Leadership, Values-based Leadership, Resonant Leadership, Principle-centered Leadership, Adaptive Leadership, etc. Several organizational models and methods include: Stakeholder Relationship Management, Emotional Intelligence, Empowerment, Employee Engagement and Appreciative Inquiry. Leading as Love is the foundation for and encompasses them all. 

“Transformation occurs because we invite others into a different conversation.”
Diana Whitney

Leading as Love is based in our shared humanness which results in the resolution of issues and achievement of outcomes. It offers context, meaning and purpose for why we lead rather than content, viewpoints and positions. It is a conscious, stated intention that underlies all actions.  It is a commitment to treat all people as human beings and to foster our relationships with one another.  When we approach each other with love, the issues will take care of themselves.

The future is right here, right now if we choose to stand for what it means to be a leader. Leading as Love requires the willingness, integrity and courage to stand for humanity, to stand for collaboration and cooperation, to stand for love. Leading as Love provides a context and gives voice to shift our paradigm of leadership.

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