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The focus of Leading as Love is at the level of social consciousness about what it means to be a leader: that leaders, both individuals and organizations, embody the best in us as human beings.  Leading is love in action.  This is Universal Leadership™.

We work with individuals and organizations in business, government, education, and religion who commit to a higher calling:  to create a world of well-being and prosperity for everyone.

The intent is to simplify our understanding and expand and deepen our practice of what it means to lead and bring forth leaders’ integrity of being so that all benefit, succeed and realize their potential.  

We fulfill our commitment as leaders when we go beyond ourselves and act on behalf of others.  We succeed when everyone’s needs are met and all prosper.   

A radical, visionary leader and passionate speaker and writer, Leading as Love founder, Lucira Jane Nebelung’s offerings include:

Leadership Strategist, Advisor and Midwife for Universal Leadership

Lucira Jane is a spiritual teacher for a secular world:  A mentor and guide for individuals, groups and organizations that choose to be true to themselves as human beings in leading their lives and thereby lead others with unwavering integrity and authenticity:

Clarity and fulfillment of intentions

Inner balance and outer alignment – thoughts, emotions, words and actions

Freedom from external definition and pressure to conform or exploit

Acknowledgment, acceptance and appreciation of oneself and others

Collaboration and cooperation in service to the collective best interest


Bring out the best in oneself and others

Choose and act in support of our intentions

Grow beyond conditioned responses and lead life on own terms

Full engagement and presence

Wisdom in action and response

Commitment, contribution and realized potential for all

Dignity, well-being, prosperity and fulfillment for all



Love Makes a Leader a Leader

Who Can We Trust to Lead?

Where Are the Leaders?

What We Need in a President

Our Self-Destructive Addiction to Approval

What’s Love Got to Do with It?

The Shift from Success to Significance

The Hidden Source of Success:  Everyone Wins

Generating the Ultimate ROI

Leading Is Simple and Not Easy

The Ripple Effect

Transformational Change:  The Wisdom and Power of Love

The Courage to Lead and to Follow

Leading and the Path of Self-mastery

Leader Self-awareness:  The Lessons of the Mirrored Self

Leading is the Foundation of Managing

Generating Social Structures with Leading as Love

Grace:  Finding Humility in Leading

Leading as Love is Service to Life

Fully customized topics available on request.  

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