Leading as Love founder, Lucira Jane Nebelung, provides a breadth of knowledge and depth of experience on leadership and transformational change that can guide a way forward.  She knows how to lay solid foundations and bring them into practical, everyday reality.

We all have “scar tissue.” Meaning, we speak, act and share the wisdom we have from personal experience from being in leadership roles and in being led by others. First hand, we all know what works and what doesn’t, having learned much from watching so-called leaders trying to play profitability or partisanship games when they have lost touch with their purpose and frequently at the expense of people. Such actions never “win.” The truth is that purpose and people bring extraordinary and unexpected outcomes.

We collectively desire to create and sustain “success” – making a difference. It is the fulfillment of individuals’ needs that creates collective success. In all social structures – business, government, education or religion: People and the quality of relationships based in purpose are the foundation for accomplishment and achievement of outcomes.

By aligning our actions with our intention to Lead as Love we generate our integrity and authenticity. We are bucking the tide and know the challenge. Every one of us is in a unique situation; there are no canned solutions or silver bullets. Together, as a community, we are midwives for one another’s mastery and our collective social transformation.

About Lucira Jane Nebelung

Lucira Jane Nebelung, Founder, Leading as Love

Lucira Jane Nebelung, Founder, Leading as Love

Lucira Jane Nebelung is the founding principal of Leading as Love, bringing 35 years of experience in coaching and consulting with executives and managers to improve organizational results and effectively implement change. She is a noted leader, architect and facilitator for key strategic initiatives resulting in employee engagement and optimal performance, customer retention and sustained growth and profitability. Lucira brings a valuable blend of both strategic wisdom and tactical experience.

Lucira has worked as an executive-level partner in the fields of Leadership Development, Organization Development and Effectiveness and Change Leadership and Implementation. Her experience includes working with organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, Liz Claiborne, CIGNA, Aetna, Texas Instruments, the Bureau of Business Practices, and LIMRA International.

Lucira has both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology as well as certification in Executive Coaching from the Professional School of Psychology in Sacramento, California.

Lucira is currently writing a book, The Heart of the Matter: Leading as Love, and has authored more than 50 business and professional articles and presentations. She is a frequently invited guest instructor at the University of New Haven and served as an adjunct faculty member at Quinnipiac University. She is a member of the Consulting Faculty of the Graduate Institute’s, Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL).

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