Leadership in Democracy

February 10, 2020

Democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people in which sovereign power is vested in the people as a whole who take responsibility for choosing representatives and maintaining their own rights as mature human beings.

Democracy requires both individual and collective accountability for truth, honesty, morality, ethics, and integrity.

Truth means facts and evidence liberated from societal, partisan and religious ideologies and agendas.

Honesty means full disclosure and straightforward, transparent sharing of facts and evidence.

Morality, ethics and integrity Serve our Souls, our human Spirit. They are the integrated applications of truth and honesty in alignment with the foundational, unifying Principle of Democracy: Sovereign Power of the People, of equality, equity, shared power, and justice for the dignity and well-being of ALL. As citizens, we ALL commit to abide by these tenets of the US Constitution.

Leaders in Democracy hold themselves accountable for facilitating the Sovereign Power of both individuals and the collective. They hold themselves accountable to the Sovereignty of their own Soul and all Souls for truth, honesty, morality, ethics, and integrity. Our power and strength are rooted in truth:

Truth allows for Integrity.
Integrity invites Accountability.
Accountability establishes the Power of Sovereignty.


Democracy is both individual and collective Leadership of unity in diversity. Democracy both requires and calls forth our Self-Respect, Self-Awareness, Self-Love, and Self-Actualization as Human Beings. Leaders facilitate our Self-Actualization as Human Beings, as Souls.

The greatest divisions in our nation are between truth and integrity required in a democracy and the ongoing, escalating propaganda and corruption of an unfolding oligarchical dictatorship driven by predatory, parasitic capitalism. There is nothing healthy about being “well-adjusted” to a profoundly pathological society. The pathologies that we see in our society are pathologies imposed on our Souls, our human Spirit to subjugate us.

It takes courage to stand up and take the higher moral ground required for healing. It takes maturity to act in alignment with our human integrity and fearlessly stand up for the truth – not only against those who oppose it, but also to counter and set an example for those in our midst – our “friends” who see the corruption and choose to remain silent and do nothing. There are far more of us with human maturity and integrity of moral conscience and courage than those who worship power, profits and money.

To remain silent and “play nice” is to compromise our integrity as human beings and abdicate our responsibility as citizens. As we enable the enablers who state “DC is not their concern and it doesn’t matter here”, we ourselves contribute to the dismantling of our Democracy. We set an example of apathy and powerlessness for our youth that directly undermines their future.

Psyche means Soul.  Psychology encompasses and integrates both mental health and emotional health for our Soul’s spiritual health of Sovereignty and so our maturity and integrity as human beings. We all have a moral, ethical and spiritual obligation to say what we see at a collective level that destroys our integrity, our Souls as human beings and so our integrity, our unity in diversity, the Soul of our nation.

In the end, as long as WE take a stand, truth and justice ALWAYS win and our Democracy and rule of law will prevail no matter how hard any group works to shred our Constitution.

As we dare to do something different, everything will change. WE ALL are Leaders as we stand up and for our accountability to our Souls for truth, honesty, morality, ethics, and integrity as Human Beings in Leading Our Lives and demand the same from those who represent us. Patriots are those who speak truth to the abuse of our Sovereignty. Nothing else Matters in a Democracy.

Democracy is collective leadership Leading as Love. It’s the one change that changes everything. We undo the patriarchal perversion of leadership based in the privilege and entitlements of hierarchy, domination, power, and wealth.

If we stay in fear, we follow along reacting from the reptilian brain of fight, flight, freeze and fawn and the mammalian brain of herd/pack/mob mentality in conformity and compliance with “authorities” of societal, political and religious ideologies and agendas. Life gave us a Gift that calls us to Sovereignty: To consciously engage, apply and act on our higher human intellect of the cortex of abstract concepts (democracy, integrity, etc.), moral conscience and the foresight to see the present and future implications of our choices and consequences of our actions. Our Soul is the only valid Authority in Leading our Lives.

Our morals, ethics and integrity – what really matter in a life well lived – are what make us Human Beings: Our Sovereignty of Soul ends the chaos. What’s on the inside shows up on the outside. Sovereignty is the simultaneous independence and interdependence of our Souls that is Life as Love.

It’s boots on the ground NOW for each of us. This is our Call to FreedOM. As we fail to confront ourselves, we fail to grow and so fail to Lead Life. WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

I welcome speaking with any group willing to take this stand for Leadership in Democracy.

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