When the World Falls Apart, People Come Together

March 15, 2020

COVID-19 offers us unprecedented opportunities to grow, mature and evolve as human beings:

We can learn that we are a global community as human beings in this life together and we must be equally responsible for ourselves and all others in our choices.

We can see the interdependencies in our societal-economic-political system and its pathologies that need to change.

We can see the interdependence between our individuality and the collective.

We can learn to appreciate and respect facts, evidence and science.

We can learn to appreciate the value and importance of sound, competent governance and business stewardship based in truth, integrity, transparency, and accountability that comprise Leading as Love that Serves Life.

In our externally-driven, busy lives with its distractions and entertainment removed, we are invited to engage in self-reflection and listen to our Soul bringing forth Wisdom.

In our “isolation”, we can to learn to appreciate our connection and unity as human beings and with Life.

Life gives what we need to grow and transform not what we want to stay in our comfort zones that maintain the status quo. This is a wake-up call.

Crises are Opportunities. Opportunities are Blessings. May Blessings Be.


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