Leading Is the Sacred Trust of Unity Consciousness

November 14, 2017

We are in this Life together, not for some of us to win, but for all of us to thrive. Leaders embody and enact this Unity Consciousness that is our progress, growth and evolution as human beings.

Not for position or hierarchy.

Not for status, privilege or power.

Not for labels, ideologies or agendas.

The status, profit and wealth accumulation motives that rule our culture and society blind us to other possibilities and our full human potential. We are ALL being tested on our moral and ethical courage, our Integrity as Human Beings. What do you stand for? Who do you stand with?

When we shift how we perceive what Matters in Life, we create new realities. Leaders initiate and guide the paradigm shift from our patriarchal, competitive, power-and-money focused culture and system to an egalitarian, sharing, collaborative system with responsibility and accountability for the whole.

Unity Consciousness is Love in Action that Serves Life: Morality, Ethics, Integrity, Equality, Equity, Shared Power, Shared Resources, and Justice for the Dignity and Well-being of ALL. This is the Truth of Spirit and Sovereignty of Soul. What’s on the inside shows up on the outside.

As we tolerate dishonesty, immorality or corruption, we compromise our own integrity and so contribute to the viral spread of corruption that plagues us. Immorality and corruption have become acceptable as the way things get done and we reward those with status who do this. Eventually, the societal-economic-political system collapses. By our silence and looking the other way, we are participating in our own demise. We have accepted and are being played by the unwritten, invisible rules of power.

In business, politics, education, religion, the media, etc., Leaders have the personal and societal conscience and courage to consciously and actively focus on restoring human morality, ethics, integrity, and justice to our societal-economic-political system and nothing else: No profit motives, no ideological agendas, no power plays, no exploitation. This is the public face of Love, of Unity Consciousness. Love is not silent in the face of immorality or injustice: With silence there is no healing or progress.

The rest of us are called to Lead our Lives in the same way.

Lasting change is possible. We all are called to hold ourselves to this Higher Standard: Leading is Love in Service to Life.

Here is a Vision of the Future of Leadership that I invite you to hold in your Heart and Mind and enact with me.

The Future of Leadership in Politics and Business… and Life

May Blessings Be.

The Field of Creation for Leading as Love

October 5, 2017

I have cultivated my understanding and appreciation of Leadership for the past 40 years; Leading as Love for the past 10. Here is the essence of what I have learned through research, observation and personal experience.

Leaders enact and bring forth the inherent Unity within the Diversity of Life based in our shared humanity; it is our common ground for the greatest good already present in life. The elements of Love that are present and embodied by Leaders empower and facilitate infinite possibilities and potential so that that all Succeed, all Thrive, all evolve as Human Beings.

Stewardship is Leadership in business. Governance is Leadership in politics. Both are required for our short- and long-term sustainability and survival as human beings and for Life.

Here are the elements that make up the Field of Creation for Leading as Love:

Unity + Sovereignty + Freedom ∞ Truth of Being.

Morality + Ethics + Justice ∞ Integrity of Being.

Empathy + Compassion + Commitment ∞ Accountability to Life.

Care + Understanding + Respect ∞ Responsibility for the Whole.

Equality + Equity + Dignity ∞ Well-being of the Whole.

Purpose + Connection + Self-determination ∞ Growth of the Whole.

Meaning + Contribution + Choice ∞ Actualization of the Whole.

Self-Respect + Self-Awareness + Self-Love ∞ Self-Realization as Love.

Taken all together, this is what it means to Be a Leader. It’s impossible to Lead from our labels, ideologies and agendas which can only separate. Leaders Realize Life’s Infinite Possibilities and Potential of Love.

The absence of any element is the absence of Love, the absence of Leadership, and the organization or system fails. The chaos of this wide-spread collapse is what we see today; we are in breakdown to break through.

Anything that denies Spirit or corrupts our Soul’s expression, blocks Leadership which is Love in Action. Leading as Love bridges, unites and merges all polarities, dissolves all inequities.

Leading is Love in Service to Life: Love Makes a Leader a Leader.

What’s on the inside shows up on the outside. Who do you choose to be?

The Future of Leadership in Politics and Business… and Life

August 28, 2017

Our prevailing, patriarchal worldview of hierarchal “leadership” has reached its limits and is coming apart. This is the chaos that we see and feel. The Organization Man (W. H. Whyte, Jr., 1956) described this paradigm of a transactional mindset focused on compliance and conformity, competition and domination, with people used as objects for gratification of wealth and power.

We are awakening and building a new paradigm of collective Leadership that is unity in diversity. Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving, published the same year as Whyte’s book, offers a radical approach to leadership. It is unconventional, extreme and uncompromising that goes to the origins, essentials and foundation of what it means to be an effective leader: love. Fromm describes love as care, understanding, respect, and responsibility. This public “Love” distinguishes it from our personal, emotional love of attraction, affection and approval.

Leaders are the activators and sustainers of Love. Leaders tap and enact the inherent truth of our unity with one another as human beings and our alignment and integration with the evolutionary impulse of life.

Expanding on Fromm, care means empathy, the recognition that we are one; the depth of our humanity is our unity. Understanding means compassion, the recognition that we are diverse; our individual uniqueness is self-sovereignty. Respect means integrating and enacting both care and understanding, both empathy and compassion, both our unity and our diversity. Responsibility means personal and societal accountability, conscience and consciousness for the whole of life.

With this primary orientation of care, understanding, respect, and responsibility, Love in action unfolds as equality, equity, shared power and resources, justice, and dignity and well-being for all. Leaders consciously ensure that we all realize the fulfillment of our human potential for purpose and meaning, connection and contribution, self-determination and choice, and growth and actualization.

Governance is Leadership in politics. Stewardship is Leadership in business. Both recognize that until basic survival needs for food, shelter and healthcare are met; until our connection with and belonging to something greater that brings meaning to life are met; and until we are supported in expanding our capacity to learn and grow through education, we are not free to actualize our potential so we fail in our responsibility to society and to life itself. The paradox is that by honoring our uniqueness, our individual contribution to the whole, leaders amplify and expand our unity.

Leadership is collaboration: The unity of working together from our diversity of perspectives so that we move forward together. In the governance and stewardship of our societal-economic-political system, Leaders consciously enact expanded, holistic perspectives of conservative-liberalism/liberal-conservatism and socialist-capitalism/capitalist-socialism that reconcile and integrate our polarities to ensure inclusion so that everyone thrives with dignity and well-being. Both governance and stewardship are measured by the quality of life shared by all. With the consciousness of Love, both government and business are forces for good.

With governance and stewardship, the personal and societal conscience and consciousness for responsibility and accountability for the whole of life, laws protecting human rights and regulations protecting from exploitation are no longer needed and disappear. There is shared wealth in all forms and shared power throughout business and politics; taxes are seen as shared resources for the just governance of a cohesive and universally beneficial society. Social, economic, political, and environmental justice are natural choices.

We start by recognizing that people in “authority”, whether politicians or executives, are not “leaders” and that calling them “leaders” gives them false power over us. No matter what the gender, racial, religious, nationality, or political labels are, labels are used to manage compliance and enforce control with a version of prescribed, hierarchical order of the patriarchal worldview. Deferring to authorities holds us within and compounds this status quo which is the root cause of our current chaos. Leaders disrupt this status quo. Chaos empowers wisdom. We are in the breakdown of these false identities of labels to break open and break through to our humanity.

Leaders are comfortable with uncertainty, the unknown, secure in knowing that optimal solutions for our greatest good emerge only without the definitions and limitations of ideologies and agendas. Leaders bring forth the natural, inherent order in life. Leadership begins when we consider the possibility that there might be ways to enhance life for all.

Leadership is our focused commitment to integrate and amplify our identity as human beings: body, mind, heart, and spirit. As Leaders, we enact the truth of unity by freeing our own wholeness within. Leadership is a way of life for those with the courage to live it. Leaders bring Love to life through every role.

Leading is Love in service to life: Love makes a leader a Leader. Leaders live this future today as the wayshowers and creators of our destiny and our legacy. Engaging this personal Leadership is the one change that transforms everything.

Leading as Love is Universal Leadership. How are you a Leader in Service to Life?

Commitment to Be a Leader

August 7, 2017

Being a Leader is the commitment to face reality and restore sanity by establishing foundations of common ground to take us into the future. Common ground is the depth of our humanity that is Unity in Diversity. We only create Unity in Diversity for the Greatest Good, when we are in conscious Union with our Spirit-Soul, with our Self, our Truth and Freedom within.

Being a Leader requires Self-Respect, Self-Awareness, Self-Love, and Self-Realization.

Being a Leader means emotional-psychological-spiritual Maturity and Integrity as a Human Being.

Being a Leader means personal and societal conscience and consciousness of Responsibility for the Dignity and Well-being of the Whole of Life.

Being a Leader means relinquishing all notions of certainty, status, privilege, superiority, and control.

Being a Leader means creating the space for possibilities and potential — the insights, inspiration and innovation inherent within each individual and the group — to emerge and unfold for the benefit of all.

Being a Business Leader means dropping the false idols and agendas that the purpose of business is profit and wealth accumulation, the unholy grail of supply-side economics. Profit is an outcome not purpose. Business owners and executives are not leaders.

Being a Political Leader means no longer clinging to party affiliation and adhering to partisan ideologies and agendas. Politicians are not leaders.

Leaders embody, make decisions and take action from decency, honesty, maturity, morality, ethics, and integrity as Human Beings without regard for partisan ideologies, agendas or influence by or use of special interest groups. Leaders focus on Equality, Equity and Justice.

Being a Leader means eliminating the need for debate and compromise by creating and enacting a Third Point or Way that elevates, unites and integrates apparent polarities. This is the Higher Intelligence of Integrated Wholeness of Shared Power, Wealth and Resources so that ALL flourish and thrive.

Being a Leader is the simplest and the most challenging profession. By conscious Choice and Commitment, Being a Leader is enacted through all other professions, careers and roles. It is this Courage that brings day-to-day life into alignment with Life and anchors the Truth of Spirit and Freedom of Soul.

Being a Leader is Living Truth and Freedom in every moment. When we abandon the Truth and Freedom of Life, we reject Being a Leader that this world desperately needs if we are to survive.

Being a Leader fosters Human Development that revitalizes and renews the Human Spirit bringing Shared Abundance to ALL through Purpose and Meaning, Connection and Contribution, Self-Determination and Choice, and Growth and Self-Actualization.

Being a Leader means having the strength to be vulnerable and to stand out in front to meet the coming unknowns as Life unfolds. We can’t and don’t Lead if we follow and obey preconceived labels, ideologies and agendas based in the past.

Being a Leader means designing and birthing new forms of social systems, structures and organization that are in harmony with Life. Anything that is not based in Love that actively moves us towards Universal Equality and Equity, Shared Power and Resources, Justice, and Dignity and Well-being is failing and collapsing. Both individually and collectively, we are in breakdown for break through. By committing to Lead and preparing ourselves now, we are here for everyone to build the future.

Being a Leader means that we make choices to transform our culture and society for the sake of our children, grandchildren and all children yet to come so that they Live in a world of social, economic, political, and environmental justice. The old ways will not work. Love will find its way.

Being a Leader is Love in Service to Life. Love amplifies our commitments and actions towards Truth and Freedom for all.

What about you? Do you Commit to Be a Leader and Serve Life?

I Serve Life by working as a spiritual mentor-partner with anyone who Commits to Be a Leader, who has the Courage to Be Real as a Human Being, face reality and restore sanity.

With deepest appreciation to Margaret Wheatley who continues to challenge and inspire me to Lead Life.

Only We Can Stop Destroying Ourselves

Yesterday I had lunch with friends who are leaving Connecticut. During our conversation, they reminded me that I have been championing Leading is Love in Service to Life in various forms for decades. In reflection, early on I hid behind business and mainstream language and concepts, keeping “spirituality” separate. I avoided politics like the plague. It was living a lie.

Truth is, we cannot address business leadership without understanding and addressing governance. And we cannot address governance without understanding business leadership. They are not the same and one cannot substitute for the other. They are mutually interdependent and must work together in synergy in Responsibility for the Whole of Life.

I now KNOW that anything not based in Love, in the Unity of Spirit, is coming undone. It is out of Integrity with the Integrated Wholeness of Life. The corrupt debacle in DC is a perfect example. The collapsing financial solvency of the State of Connecticut is another.

Love enhances and expands Life as the Unity of Spirit for ALL, our conscious awareness of our Responsibility to the Whole, for our individual and collective growth, actualization and Realization as Human Beings, from the inside-out, bringing the Truth-Freedom of our Heart-Mind to action and manifestation.

We Have to Look Deeper

Here in Connecticut we are coming undone because our focus is external on what *seems to work* to achieve results, but in Reality is damaging to our humanity because we have committed to and enact the illusion of our culture that only money matters:

We support and applaud the Defense Industry and new jobs at Pratt & Whitney and Electric Boat when what they do is furnish death and destruction.

We support and applaud the Financial Services/Insurance Industries when what they do is amplify and accelerate wealth extraction for the elite.

We support and applaud the Hospitality/Tourism/Entertainment/Gaming Industries when what they provide are minimum wage jobs for those employed and keep the rest of us entertained and continuously numbed and distracted from what we have created and the Real Work of Being Human: Knowing our Truth of Spirit and Freedom of Soul.

Take a step back and look deeply at all businesses and industries. For most, you will see how they keep us from ourSelves, from our Souls, and externalize all costs onto society. As Joel Bakan says, corporations have the same behavioral profile of psychopaths, without conscience or consciousness. Other research shows that having hierarchical power deactivates the mirror neurons required for empathy. “Practicality” is really the science of fear.

What is evident at all levels of government is that our politicians and the rest of us simply don’t care about Leading or Governance that benefits ALL with harm to none. We care about personal advantage and gain, accumulating wealth, and consolidating and intensifying power for ourselves and the elite. We use and succumb to predatory marketing of lies for unfettered capitalism and privilege for the few: “I got mine, screw you.” This directly undermines our humanity. Focus on maximizing profits and wealth accumulation is the failure to Love, our epic failure in Life. Decadence, the moral decline of self-indulgence, heralds collapse.

What’s on the inside shows up on the outside. Our inner lack of Integrity with Life, with Love, results in societal breakdown. AND this same breakdown is the catalyst and allows for our expansion of conscious awareness. We can’t solve our “problems” with the same egoic thinking that created them. We all can learn to look deeply, at root cause, beneath the surface features that keep us stuck, going round and round with the same useless, ineffective “solutions.” We only find the answers within our Hearts.

Think With Your Heart — Love With Your Mind

Leaders Know the Truth of the Heart: There is MORE than enough to go around. Leaders ask:

How can ALL Share in this Privilege of Life’s Abundance for everyone’s Dignity and Well-being?

How can each and every person have food, clothing and shelter?

How can each and every person have the same high quality of health care?

How can each and every school district provide, and each and every person have, the highest quality of education? This is the foundation of our future. The quality of education in Waterbury, New London, Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford should be equal to that in Westport, Kent, Darien, Greenwich. Public higher education should be without cost to students.

How can each and every person belong and actualize their fullest potential as a Human Being, as a Soul, in their Contribution to Life, to the Dignity and Well-being of All? Leaders are Warriors for and Champion Our Human Spirit.

This is my Vision for Life. No one “wins” unless EVERYONE WINS.

All industries and companies have a Core Essence and Service that Benefit Life: A deep Purpose and Meaning that connects and contributes to Enhancing Life for all. It’s not just about jobs and “economic growth”; there are no winners if we just keep manipulating the score in our favor.

Messages Are Everywhere

Bottom-line: Life is Giving us Messages about our need for Course Correction. If the intent is primarily profits, wealth and power, we will fail. As we used to say to executives at Aetna, people don’t get up every morning and come to work because they are contributing to 15% ROSHE. If the intent includes enhancing and expanding our Human Consciousness through Purpose and Meaning, Connection and Contribution, Self-Determination and Choice, and Growth and Actualization that we can believe in and generate Fulfillment in the Flow of Integrity of Life, WE ALL will Flourish and Thrive.

The Messages will keep coming faster and stronger until we pay attention and enact Love. Leaders Create Love, from Love, with Love, as Love, for Love to Serve Life. Love Makes a Leader a Leader.

We already Know How to Enhance and Expand Life that is Love: Equality, Equity, Shared Power, Justice, Truth and Freedom for the Dignity and Well-being of All. It is happening in many places.

THE ANSWER TO HOW IS YES. This is Awakening. This Is Leadership. This Is Love. This Is Service to Life. What about you? Do you say, “YES”?