Reflections on Letting Go

November 8, 2019

On yesterday morning’s walk, the remaining leaves were gently drifting and falling in a light breeze with their wonderful damp, musty smell permeating the air. Each step was taken carefully as they crunched beneath my feet because they hide rocks and roots on the trail which I have tripped on and fallen more than once.

In this walking meditation, I contemplated what it means to “let go” and what I am letting go of. For me, letting go means allowing Life’s emergence and unfoldment in and through me. It is a “death” to the old patterns. It means relinquishing control because Life has a Purpose and Plan for everyone and everything. Just like me, you and everyone else are an integral part of that Plan because all of Life is connected and interdependent. When we are aligned and attuned to Life, harmony, coherence and collaboration are nurtured for the greatest good of Truth of Being and Accountability.

As I walked, I silently chanted the mantra, “Praise Love.” Trust allows for Surrender. Surrender invites Gratitude. Gratitude establishes Praise.

As a punctuation mark, this afternoon I received:

You’re flying blind a little bit at the moment.
You don’t know things are going to shake out.
You can’t see how Life is going to land.
Your job is to get still with yourself and
Clean out any shadows that contribute to you
Presuming the worst and wanting to flail about that.
You’re not in control of everything.
There are possibilities you haven’t even consider.
Something bigger than you is at play.
Let Life do its job and orchestrate how it needs to.
You get very honest about how you feel and
Face what needs to be faced so that
You can continue to bravely allow for the Unfolding Unknown. ~ Susan Grace


Praise Love for Life. Praise Truth for Freedom. We Are the Grace of All That Is.

The paradox is that in Trust, Surrender, Gratitude, and Praise, We Lead Life. This is the Sovereignty of our Center to meet Life on Life’s terms with all its discomfort and inconvenience and to move with It with Love. We Lead as Love.

We are watching the death throes and collapse of the toxic masculinity of privileged entitlement, status, domination, power, control by the patriarchal paradigm and world order. Its essence is dishonest, immoral, unethical, and corrupt and violates Life itself. It is self-destructing.

Let it go without fear and step into and welcome the Freedom of your Sovereignty as a Human Being so that Life can restore Life to ALL. WE ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Leaders consciously act in Service to Life as Love.

May Blessings Be.

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