Our Contempt for Life

April 27, 2019

Everyone is my Teacher. Everywhere I go, I’m a Student.

Everyone is in some way my Informant, my Revelator, my Healer, my direct Connection to the Who-Knows-What. ~ Rob Brezsny

We Observe. We Learn. We Grow. We Evolve to Actualize our Integrated Wholeness, our Integrity as a Human Being. This is what it means to Be Alive and our Purpose to Lead Life.

It’s been since November that I’ve shared my observations and it’s time once again to look in the Mirror of Life at what we continue to collectively create. Failure to do so and reflect means that we fail to learn, fail to grow and so we devolve as human beings, negating and regressing in our Self-Respect, Self-Awareness, Self-Love, and Self-Actualization, living in disintegration.

We are in a collective “dark night of the soul” as a catalyst to generate radical renewal and activate passionate engagement and opportunities to align with our true nature from deep within.

Where Are We? How Did We Get Here?

While this is not about DJT/GOP, it is. DJT and the GOP are highlighting and reflecting back to us the breakdown of our society through our betrayal of the tenets of the Constitution which is our social contract as a nation. We are literally out of integrity. Many of us do not hold ourselves accountable as active citizens and so we are not holding anyone in positions of authority of political governance or business stewardship accountable either.

DJT embodies and represents the toxic patriarchal world order, our ever-present dark side and shows us what we have become. What we disown as individuals and as a nation wreaks havoc which is the chaos we are observing and experiencing.

DJT reflects our contempt for people of color, our hostility toward outsiders, our toxic misogyny, our ignorant bigotry, our sense of supremacy.

DJT reflects our own disdain for and disrespect of honesty, morality, ethics, integrity, the rule of law, and the Constitution.

DJT reflects our own insatiable need for and worship of status, privilege, entitlement, power, domination, control, and wealth, the patriarchal world order which is inherently destructive.

Exposing our societal corruption is his purpose to show us what WE have become to Wake Us Up and make the Choice to BE in Integrity with our individual and collective Humanity.

And “good people” don’t support him or his enablers who defend, support or stand in silent complicity. As we look the other way, remain silent and “play nice”, we are directly complicit in validating and maintaining the patriarchal world order that oppresses us and destroys our dignity, well-being and humanity. Birds of a feather…

Deeply embedded in our culture is the “acceptance” of dishonest, immoral, unethical, corrupt, and criminal actions by those in authority. We conform and comply with the powers that be. We’ve reached a point so that many no longer care; believe that it no longer matters. We have broken with our Souls, the Essence of our Humanity. We are dehumanized. We can never know unity when we compromise our own integrity to “play nice” with the expectations of the patriarchal world order. And it matters greatly: We are enacting an abysmal legacy for our children, grandchildren and future generations to come.

Anyone entrusted with a position of authority who betrays this trust through dishonest, immoral, unethical, corrupt, or criminal actions incurs Karmic Justice. If they then enact cover-ups and/or retaliation, Karmic Justice is compounded, accelerated and amplified in a blow-back. This includes not only DC, but also state and local politicians and corporate executives. We have quite a show ahead of us. Depending on where we choose to stand determines how we weather this karmic blow-back. Silence, apathy and indifference stand complicit with deceit and betrayal; those in public office are in direct violation of their Oath to support the Constitution.

Politicians have failed at governance. Executives have failed at stewardship. Both have abused the authority entrusted to them. Politicians have become predators that serve parasitic profits and the mainline addictions of wealth and power of corporations and oligarchs. They don’t care if we are destitute or dead. These are blatant crimes against our humanity. Ignoring this – willful ignorance – results in reckless choices and actions.

We ALL live in chronic trauma of being dehumanized as commodities for wealth and power. We are either mainlining for ourselves or we are actively participating as co-dependent enablers/victims. There is no other way to truthfully describe it. We are self-corrupted, destroying not only others’ lives, but also our own. Our deep-seated cultural trauma is reflected in our escalating epidemic of depression, addictions, overdoses and suicides to cope and escape our dehumanization.

There is nothing healthy about being “well-adjusted” to a profoundly pathological society in a trance of normalcy. There is nothing “spiritual” about silence and “playing nice.” These are abdications of our responsibility for and accountability to Lead Life as Human Beings.

The Significance of Notre Dame

Our supposedly invincible societal-economic-political system and empire of the patriarchal world order in service to power and wealth is in its death throes desperately trying to resurrect itself. This agenda of stupidity, ignorance, bad judgment, narcissism, lack of integrity, immoral and amoral behaviors, and criminal actions is burning and collapsing in a funeral pyre like the phallic spire of Notre Dame that lorded over Our Lady. The Divine Feminine calls us through Love to expose and end the moral bankruptcy of our societal-economic-political system that is in Contempt of Life.

Seeking facts and truth is part of our human contract and covenant with one another. Truth is both a legal and a moral obligation. The mark of Intelligence and Integrity is the relentless Pursuit of Truth. Truth. Always. Wins.

We need to “rescue” ourselves and end this abomination by actively and visibly standing for truth, equality, equity, shared power, justice, dignity, and well-being that our Human Spirit deserves and demands.

Perpetuating the status quo is Contempt for Life. There is no excuse other than our fear of taking responsibility and accountability. Nothing will change until we confront ourselves with ruthless honesty and acknowledge what we have participated in creating and make different choices with the courage of humility. This is our choiceless Choice: To Lead our Lives as Love.

The moral and ethical choice that is in integrity with our status and value as human beings: Societal, economic and political dignity and well-being for all. We no longer tolerate parasitic capitalism that exploits workers and customers in the self-serving self-interest of enriching executives and shareholders. Agendas, policies and practices (avoidance of taxes, stock buybacks, poverty wages) that cause anyone to struggle to survive are dehumanizing and so inherently immoral. It comes down to this: Companies and politicians do not respect any of us as human beings because they do not respect themselves.

“Good people” can get sucked into the destructive vortex of addiction to greed and power as they seek quid pro quo. It takes a robust and committed effort to see through the barrage of delusional narratives and outright lies, immense moral grit in the face of overwhelming pressure to conform, and the willingness to give up everything to take a stand against legitimized immorality.

Where We Are Going: Leading as Love is the One Change that Changes Everything

Love is Embodied as Care, Understanding, Respect, and Responsibility and Accountability for the Whole of Life.

Love is Lived as Honesty, Morality, Ethics, and Integrity.

Love is Enacted as Truth, Equality, Equity, Shared Power and Wealth; and Societal, Economic, Political, and Legal Justice, Dignity and Well-Being for ALL.

Love is what Generates and Sustains a thriving and prosperous life for ALL of us as Human Beings. Nothing else can or will. This is the foundational Essence of the Constitution. Holy Week and Easter highlighted this as what Jeshua taught and lived that actively, explicitly and visibly countered the abuse of power of oppression and corruption of his time. WWJD: Love as Truth is REQUIRED for Leadership. Only Truth Heals. It is the Source of Self-Actualization of Unity within: The Integrated Wholeness of Mind, Heart, Body, and Soul, our Integrity and Sovereignty as a Human Being. The paradox is that standing in our own Sovereignty with the Grace of FreedOM is what Unites us with all “others.”

True Leaders aren’t takers, predators or parasites that manipulate and exploit for their own status, privilege, entitlement, power, domination, control, and wealth. True Leaders know that greed is the root cause of system collapse that takes them down as well.

True Leaders have the expanded and deeper Intelligence of Life which is “systems thinking” that encompasses the whole.

True Leaders want and actively GIVE to others the same things that they want for themselves for the Fulfillment of a Life of Dignity and Well-being.

True Leaders consciously establish the foundations for the True FreedOM of Self-Actualization for every person as a Human Being: Safety, Security, Belonging, and Esteem (Maslow).

True Leaders enhance life for ALL.

WE ARE ONE.  We Are the Ones we’ve been waiting for, here to midwife the rebirth of our Democracy which is Life as Love.

At the end of the day, ANYTHING not based in Love Fails. Spectacularly. We are watching our societal-economic-political system collapse in Karmic Justice. We are in breakdown to break through to Life as Love. Leading as Love says what need to be said: Truth of Love, Truth of Life, Truth of Spirit. Truth is both uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Choices have implications. Actions have consequences. What is your choice: Continued contempt or the Commitment to Honor, Serve and Lead Life?

Leading is Love in Service to Life. Love Makes a Leader a Leader. May Blessings Be.


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  • Candi April 30, 2019, 11:25 am

    Thank you!

    • Lucira Jane April 30, 2019, 7:18 pm

      You are most welcome.

  • Lucira Jane April 30, 2019, 7:37 pm

    When I stepped back and reflected on what I offered on Saturday, it is a statement of truth, an affirmation of conscious intention for the end of the old order and the creation and generation of a foundational narrative for Humanity of Life as Love. We acknowledge our own participation in history so that we can consciously Bless it, let it go and leave it behind and retain this Wisdom not to repeat destructive choices.

    When we “play nice” and resist seeing, naming and calling out the dehumanizing pathologies of our culture to deny and avoid dealing with them, they persist and grow. The cracks of Truth are how the Light gets in… Keep adding Truth until the delusions of the patriarchal world order fall apart and crumble into the dustbins of history.

    Only Truth Heals. It is the Source of Self-Actualization of Unity within: The Integrated Wholeness of Mind, Heart, Body, and Soul, our Integrity, Sovereignty and FreedOM as a Human Being.

    This is the Fierce Love of Self-Respect, Self-Awareness, Self-Love that moves us through Self-Actualization.

    Fierce Love is the Embodiment of Care, Understanding, Respect, and Responsibility and Accountability for the Whole of Life.

    Fierce Love is Lived as Honesty, Morality, Ethics, and Integrity.

    Fierce Love is Enacted as Truth, Equality, Equity, Shared Power and Wealth; and Societal, Economic and Political Justice, Dignity and Well-Being for ALL.

    Fierce Love is what Generates and Sustains a thriving and prosperous life for ALL of us as Human Beings. Nothing else can or will.

  • Jan Finley May 1, 2019, 1:43 pm

    Your article really spoke to me, Lucira Jane. So much of what I have been “told” agrees with your perspective. There are so many who would appreciate this article. Would you mind if I share this article on FB?

    • Lucira Jane May 1, 2019, 2:40 pm

      Jan, thank you and yes please feel free to share as you would like.

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