Life Demands Your Vote

October 29, 2018

Though you may feel alone in a world gone mad with violence and hate, do not stop speaking the Power of Truth, the Love in your Heart. As domestic terrorists wage their war with bombs and guns, I remember what I need to Stand For. I need to BE what I Stand For. And I need to not back down from what I Stand For. What I Stand For is what they are systematically trying to destroy.

In whatever way I can, I shall be the Power of the Love and Truth in my Heart, and Stand For that in all I that I am and all that I do do. I know I am not alone, even when it feels so. ~ George Herrick

We are standing on the precipice of a choice that will determine our own lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren for many years to come. Today I am holding up the Mirror of Life.

We only alleviate our guilt, shame and Karmic Justice as we Face OurSelves and what we have collectively created. Until we confront what separates us from OurSelves as Souls within, we cannot and will not come together. Failing to go deep means a Failure to Heal and so a Failure to Lead.

Those who say, “I don’t care about politics.” Think again. Your life as a human being and everyone and everything that you care about depends on your vote. We are ALL accountable. Our Power emerges from comprehending the deep Truth of Spirit that others prefer not to face or even name.

In 2012 before the presidential election, I wrote, “Who Can We Trust to Lead?”  Today the words are more refined and deeper but the answer hasn’t changed: OurSelves. We Lead our Lives as we Trust WE are the Truth of Spirit, Sovereignty of Soul and FreedOM of Grace that is Love.  While I outlined the societal-economic-political issues in 2012, I didn’t want to “offend” anyone so I avoided naming political parties and candidates. I’ve learned not to care who I offend and just say what needs to be said. Truth may be uncomfortable and inconvenient; it’s time that we wake up to the totality of our own creation that is our societal-economic-political system.

Just after the 2016 elections, I wrote, “Embracing the Unthinkable.” DJT’s election was required for us to come out of denial and acknowledge the deep structure under the surface. Observing our nation for the past two years, we can thank the DJT/DC agenda for exposing the underbelly of our entire societal-economic-political system as an intentional psychopathic, soulless syndicate:

Dishonest, deceitful, immoral, unethical, corrupt, cruel, manipulative, and exploitative processes and actions for the inequality, inequity, abuse of power, injustice, struggle, and suffering of the many to conserve the patriarchal status, privilege, entitlement, power, control, and wealth of the few. These are crimes against humanity.

When highly committed parties strongly believe [in] things that they cannot achieve democratically, they don’t give up on their beliefs — they give up on democracy. ~ David Frum

This contempt for the Constitution is destroying our democracy. Elected officials who openly support or who stand as silent enablers in endorsement of and complicity with this contempt are violating their Oaths of Office and their integrity as human beings.

Our local Republicans in a conspiracy of silence say that DC is not their concern and what happens in DC doesn’t matter here are also in violation of their Oaths. The silence of politicians who claim to be leaders in the face of corruption is the collapse of their integrity as human beings; it is intentional deception.  Silence is how the patriarchal structures of domination enforce conformity and compliance, the loyalty that is followership. There are no leaders. Silence is willful ignorance and denial. Silence is the loss of our Sovereignty of Soul and FreedOM of Grace.

The collapse of individual integrity that fails to take responsibility and accountability for the whole has preceded every societal, economic and/or political collapse in human history. We are on the verge of one or more collapse.

Our vote is this choice: Be informed and take responsibility and accountability for your choice, its implications and consequences. We must demand that candidates demonstrate transparency and the integrity, the moral compass and courage required of Leaders.

Since we all co-create life, if WE look the other way and are silent about our elected officials’ support or silence, we ourselves are directly accountable and complicit in what is unfolding as well. Our “playing nice” is abdicating our responsibility as citizens and accountability as human beings. We violate the Constitution. We fail to respect ourselves. We fail the honesty-integrity-decency test as human beings. This is not Leading our Lives. This is cowardice that empowers tyrannical oppression. Leading Life means that we embody and enact moral courage.

We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. ~ Elie Wiesel

Collective Leadership is personal and societal conscience and consciousness in Service to our mutual well-being of Life as Love.  Love is Truth of Spirit: The embodiment of Care, Understanding, Respect, Responsibility, and Accountability; Empathy enacted as Compassion. The public face of Love is Honesty, Morality, Ethics, and Integrity that Stands For our Constitutional Human Rights of Equality, Equity, Shared Power, Justice, Dignity, and Well-being for ALL. This is what it means BE an American and a true patriot.

Leading Life means we take this stand for the common and greatest good: All For One, One For All, ALL IS ONE, no matter the cost. Love always speaks Truth to the abuse of power. The failure to Love is the failure to Lead. Leading as Love means Liberated not liberal.

If you are a DJT/GOP follower, I ask that you think about the implications of what is happening. There is no middle ground. There are no ends justifying the means. No tax cuts. No deregulation. No scores of conservative judges can be worth destroying our democracy and your own loss of humanity. DJT/GOP cannot be taken a la carte. If you support this, you have to take the entire package that includes the hate, division and stoking violence. Your GOP vote validates, endorses and further enables this agenda.  Have the self-respect and Self-Love to not give away your power and integrity as a human being to loyalty to a label. We are known by the company we keep. Lead Your Life.

Our darkness as a nation has been brought to Light. As human beings, it is not only our right but also our moral duty to take part in the shaping of our destiny, to expose and oppose obvious wrongs… Our origin as Love is our Destiny.

For both voters and candidates, this election isn’t about politics. This is about who you are and where you morally stand as citizen and a human being. What are we going to tell our grandchildren, “I didn’t think it mattered”?

YOUR vote Matters Greatly. By not voting you silence yourself in compliance and conformity with the patriarchal abuse of power. Together we send a message and eliminate the false power and narratives of those who devalue, traumatize and dehumanize our hearts and souls because they don’t care about their own. Your vote is a catalyst to create a Wave of Truth of Spirit that unleashes the Power of Love. WE created this by our choices or apathy. Only WE can rectify it. WE must take this first step.

Make YOUR vote count towards a thriving future for everyone in our nation and on this planet. Let us ride this Wave and Bless ourselves with Truth, Sovereignty, FreedOM, and Love.

Leading as Love is Service to Life. Leading is Love in Service to Life. Love Makes a Leader a Leader.

Leading Is Sacred Trust

September 3, 2018

We are being led to a destiny that is not only improbable, but virtually beyond belief altogether. We are truly at the center of an infinite design that depends upon us for its implementation. ~ Ellias Lonsdale 

Leaders advance and integrate the “technology” of Unity Consciousness of Life as Love into our societal-economic-political system. Leaders facilitate this intentional cultural and social design of regeneration and transformation. Leaders build a dynamic bridge to bring our unified, integrated Wholeness of Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul to Life. It is our personal Integrity with Life that transforms our societal-economic-political systems.

Leaders Serve the greater Good of humanity through conscious societal-economic-political Justice that actualizes the possibility and potential of every person, that achieves equality, equity, shared power, dignity, and well-being for ALL. No exclusions. No exceptions.

We can only Lead our own Lives and so others with honesty, morality, ethics, and integrity, with care, understanding, and respect. These are the public face of Love. These are the foundations of both personal growth and human progress.

Political governance and business stewardship are this spiritual Truth enacted in day-to-day life. Governance and stewardship are the profound responsibility to and accountability for the Wholeness of Life. As soon as political office becomes an agent for profits and wealth, and business controls government, the system is corrupted, torn apart, collapses, and fails.

So following the “common sense” of our current culture is profoundly unhealthy and destructive. It is immature and self-limiting. Predatory, parasitic capitalism driven by the manipulative marketing of materialism and consumption for the accumulation of wealth, status, privilege, and power by a few, betray trust and abuse authority. People are used as objects solely for the gratification and glorification of wealth and power. Silence and “playing nice” are sociopathic privilege that leave a legacy of traumatic dehumanization, desperation, destitution, and despair that result in oppression of human potential with addictions and suicides to escape.

This culture blinds us to the infinite possibilities and potential of Life as Love which is the only true Common Sense that unites us. Common Sense: Everyone “wins.” Common Sense: No one is excluded or left behind. Common Sense: All For One. One For All. ALL IS ONE.

Leaders are Makers not takers. Takers will know karmic justice.

Self-Respect. Self-Awareness. Self-Love. Self-Actualization.

Truth of Spirit. Sovereignty of Soul. Grace of FreedOM. Life as Love.

These are our Responsibility and Accountability as Leaders that these times Demand that we Bring to Life.

Who Can We Trust To Lead?

Those who visibly care about, stand for, embody, and enact honesty, morality, ethics, integrity, and decency. These are the foundation of Trust. These are the unifying force required for relationships, common ground and human progress.

How are YOU actively participating in the co-creation of a future that actualizes a thriving world of human potential and possibilities for all? Leading is THIS Sacred Trust. Leading as Love is Universal Leadership which means embodying and actively living the empathy, compassion and generosity of Unity Consciousness.

Today in the USA we celebrate Labor Day. Leading is a Labor of Love. Let us stand for, work together and midwife our rebirth that fulfills our true human potential through universal, fundamental worker, civil and human rights of Life as Love. This is our birthright as human beings and enshrined in the Constitution as Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for We The People.

We KNOW deeply what needs to be done… It’s a matter of personal courage and commitment to what Matters. Leading is Love in Service to Life. Leading as Love is Service to Life. Love Makes a Leader a Leader.

May Blessings Be.

USA: The Independence of Ultimate Self Awareness

July 4, 2018

Lady Liberty Stands For the Light of Ultimate Self Awareness as Truth of Spirit and Sovereignty of Soul that Bring Freedom to Life. Liberation is the Embodiment of Light: The Power of Love.

Truth of Spirit allows for Sovereignty of Soul.
Sovereignty of Soul invites the Freedom of Life.
Freedom of Life establishes the Power of Love.

The Truth of Unity/Oneness and Sovereignty of our Uniqueness/Diversity is Human Integrity: Integral to the Whole, indivisible from Spirit, from Truth, from Life, from Love. These are captured by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution: Equality, Equity, Shared Power, and Justice for the Dignity and Well-being of ALL. This is Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness for We The People.

It’s impossible to lead others if we aren’t Leading our own Lives with this Self-Respect and Integrity. Most politicians fail as leaders: They follow and serve a label, ideology and agenda. Silence in the face of violations of Independence and the Constitution is sociopathic privilege: Politicians know that what is happening in and to our nation is morally wrong and unlawful yet they remain silent. If we ourselves look the other way and accept their silence, we are complicit and not holding ourselves accountable as citizens or as human beings. Democracy requires your Leadership, your visibility and your voice beyond your vote.

This is not about partisanship. The ideologies and agendas being enacted demonstrate a deeper corruption: Our individual Souls and so the Soul of the nation. This is about your own commitment to Self-Respect and Integrity as an American citizen and a Human Being.

Truth is: There is ONE race, the Human Race and we are Equal and equally deserving of Shared Power, Justice, Dignity, and Well-being. Everything else is a Lie and is collapsing. Leaders Serve Truth and Sovereignty for everyone. True political Leaders stand as, with and for our progress towards Freedom as Human Beings not conserving the status quo of status, privilege, power and control.

The rampant contempt for the common and public good, for one another as human beings and life is a crime against humanity: Our own. It is contempt for Truth, contempt for Freedom, contempt for Life, contempt for Spirit. Those who only strive to take for themselves, have no personal or societal conscience, responsibility for or accountability to Life. Contempt for the common good will destroy US from within: It is our own personal disintegrity that causes the collective disintegration that will be our legacy. We are being initiated to expose the betrayal of and take accountability for the restoration of our original and founding principles.

So more than fearing the personal cost of being criticized as an “idealist” or scorned and dismissed as a partisan hypocrite for standing for the Truth of what Matters in Life, I fear silent subservience to the worst impulses in me and around us that I followed and enacted for so many years.

Freedom means no longer considering the “costs” of my commitments to Give mySelf to Serving Life and Truth. The Path is not achieving great things. The Path is the Integrity of Soul with role in Service to Truth and Life. Leaders courageously join role with Soul, Soul with role, the Integrated Wholeness of Love. When we feel certain that the Human Spirit, the Soul, is no longer at work in the world, it’s time to make sure that ours is visible and that we illuminate the dark.

When you acknowledge and embrace all that You Are, you give yourself a great Gift that benefits all. Moving into the Wisdom of elderhood requires maturing through adulthood, getting fierce with Reality so that all that is left is to tell the Truth. We no longer have to posture, pretend or lie to ourselves. Confronting ourselves for what we got right and what we got wrong brings the Grace of Integrity, of Wholeness.

With the Self-Respect, Self-Awareness, Self-Love, Self-Actualization, and Strength of an examined Life, acknowledging our shadow that brings forth our Light, we each become the Leader we need to regenerate our society and nation. Enacting Truth is both uncomfortable and inconvenient. As Leaders, WE are the Makers, not the takers.

Rightly understood, our form of government is the best I know, so I have no interest in abolishing it. But I want to help alter the way it is being abused and undermined, not for the first time, but in my time. ~ Parker Palmer

Ultimate Self Awareness is our Unity, Oneness and Interdependence with Life which is Independence, Freedom and Liberty from the dictates of external patriarchal rule. We commit to give Lady Liberty her rightful place in Life within each of us. Like Lady Liberty, embody and carry the Torch of your Unique Light that illuminates and Liberates Life for ALL. WE each are the Keepers of the Flame of Liberty.

Leadership is the paradox of Sovereign Independence within Unity Consciousness. All For One. One For All. ALL IS ONE. Leading as Love is Service to Life. Leading is Love in Service to Life.

May we all know the Blessings of Your Light, the Spirit of America.


Liminal Leadership

April 8, 2018

We live in a world in which distrust and greed and violence masquerade as common sense, and in which the pathways of distrust and greed and violence are rapidly becoming self-validating. By following those pathways, we create the social and international structures, the premises upon which we must live. By choosing the ‘common sense’ of distrust, we choose also the progressive truth of distrust. We cause horror to become the only pathway to wisdom. ~ Gregory Bateson

Reason has become unreasonable. Things are changing and the reasonable path of maintaining life as it is today may well be one of short sightedness and destruction.

Whatever leadership used to be, it used to be. Now, it has to be something different. Now, we all have to be more than we were. The kind of leadership that I want to explore may not be identifiable as leadership at all. I am interested in mutual care, understanding, respect, and responsibility to and accountability for the dignity and well-being of ALL people and ecological systems. This kind of Leadership cannot be found in individuals; rather, it is found between them. It cannot be found in organizations, nations, religions, or institutions; rather, it is found between them. Liminal Leaders engage with these relational characteristics.

Inter-systemic change is at hand. More than change and more than system change, the interdependency between systems of economy, health, politics, ecology, and communication is where change lies. This is a murky territory of alive in-betweenness.

The interdependency we are discussing should not be thought of as a part that can be replaced in an engine. It is elusively not in the economy or the education system; it is not in politics or the health system; it is not in the media or even the culture. It is in the way in which these aspects of our world are steeped together in a slow-cooked stew. The ingredients of the socioeconomic stew cannot now be pulled out, but the chemistry can be tended.

We, as citizens, as human beings, cannot point to these institutions as ‘them’ – there is no them. All of these contexts of society (and more) are in a kind of ecology of interdependency, pattern, and relationship. You and me, we are simultaneously in the systems and occupying the position of observer or change-maker. We cannot get out. As our systems begin to fray in this unraveling time, reorganization is necessary. Who will lead the way?

Who are the experts at being in the liminal space? Who are the professionals who know this territory in which each day is touched with health, economy, media, politics, education, and the Earth… who? Of course the answer is, all of us.

To meet the complexity ahead and to make the evolutionary jump to co-existence, we need something different. Our traditional understanding of “leadership” has an ugly side. The image contains hubris and the bloodshed of the colonial conquerors. It is laced with competition, ambition, dominance, arrogance, status, wealth, and privilege.

The notion of leadership pulls the focus to individuals and away from the contextual conditions that made them. It is precisely this contextual relational process that the future depends upon.
So much change-making today is riddled with toxic fumes of the last century’s hero-envy. The rush-for-the-gold and step-over-the-next-guy approach is the thinking that got us into this mess.

The future lies in our capacity to understand and respond to interdependency. The change-making ideas that hold onto the realism of the last century bring the baggage of mechanistic thinking, capitalistic exploitation, and dog-eat-dog aspirations with them.

Collaboration is an idea that is unconsciously attached to the mechanistic world in which many parts are assembled to create function. But in living systems, collaboration is much more than each doing their part. Collaboration is the readiness to show up and do what needs to be done, in improvisation and mutual learning to include the well-being of everyone.

In the liminal realm, our conditions are co-generated, which is an important qualitative shift of interaction that translates roughly into this: Idealists are more  needed than assholes.

Leadership is supposed to be about discovery. It is about doing new things, in new ways. It is about possibility and actualizing human potential. If, and it is a big ‘if,’ humanity learns to live in a new way, we will do so by learning together.

We will not lead on behalf of a company or a nation, not on behalf of a religion or a belief system, not on behalf of a political ideology or agenda. We will hold each other through the storms of economic volatility, ecological turmoil, and political insanity. There will be trauma, pain, and loss through which our solace during this transformation will be nothing less than the creative expression of empathy as compassion. Healing together is learning together is leading together. Together includes the human and non-human world.

It seems that as the illusions of our system crumble, each grouping of ideologies is ossifying in their own particular frequency and becoming less able to hear the others. The sense-making apparatus of our culture is losing its grip.

Most of what matters now won’t matter later. Coming generations will shake their heads at the sacrifices their ancestors made for material wealth. They will not care how much prestige you gathered, how many bitcoins you bought, who considered you famous, or even what widget or vaccination you invented. If humanity makes it to the next level in the evolutionary game, it will be through recognition of our interdependency to each other and to the organisms of our biosphere.

If you consider this moment from the vantage of 30 years from now, there is nothing to hide behind. The excuses of dutifully perpetuating this destruction from one day to the next won’t hold water, literally. Remember the Nazis at Nuremberg who said, “I was just doing my job.”

Advocating for the delicate ecologies of life and humanity is both an active and a contemplative practice. Protection goes meta. Protection of me becomes protection of you, and protection of us includes protection of the ecology in which we both breathe. This interdependency is what gives every living system its vitality. It is the most ubiquitous experience of every living organism. And yet, it is not mentioned in the UN or the Constitution. It does not have a Wikipedia page. It remains, it obtains, and it continues, regardless of not being recognized. The interdepending keeps interdepending just out of our hearing range, just out of our color spectra, just beyond the horizon of our logic.

Three Things to Remember About Responding to Interdependency:

Wicked problems require inter-systemic change-not siloed, ideological solutions.

Taking action before perception change produces repeated errors and short-circuits the necessary complexity. Ditch linear strategy (like “fixing” things first).

Perception is intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural, and relational. Making sense is sensorial. Increasing our sensitivity to others and Life is necessary to find new ways through old patterns.

Are we ready? We better be, because increasing sensitivity is an opening to also feeling the pain of so much exploitation. That pain is asking a question: Can I bear the empathy, seeing myself in others and others in myself, that real systems change requires?

The multifaceted crises the world faces today are proof enough that the establishment is not built to question itself. The pillars of civilization are pinned under the stone slab of the last several centuries of assumptions. Pillars of politics and money, of education and medicine, of psychology and religion. Structure is hard, and hard to change. The institutions have no water in their edges, no improvisation in their memory. The institutions are bound to their continuance, bound to each other, and bound to crumble.

Anyone who wants to help usher in a new way of living that honors the well-being of all people and the other organisms had better be willing to risk everything to get there. It will take nothing less.

There is nowhere to hide. Embracing complexity requires the integrity of having gone through the dark night, acknowledging our cultural darkness and our own contribution to it, and knowing that while you may not have a plan to face the confusion, you will show up completely. And you will do so as the best “you” that you have ever been.

Are we ready to risk everything? What would you do for someone you did not know, for a forest you’ve never entered, for a future you won’t be here for? Will you prepare for the crises ahead by building a bunker full of everything you might need, or will you prepare by readying yourself to help others in need and for all of us to grow and actualize as human beings? Do you need to wait until there is an emergency to be activated? Or is now okay?

Can you walk in your Human Integrity, in your Integrated Wholeness? And can you help pull the broken glass from the Souls of the idealists who have kept the door open?

I will meet you there. In the liminal space of our shared future.

Liminal space is a transformative space. It occurs when our thoughts, knowledge or ideas are in some way challenged, when our understanding of something is unsettled rendering it fluid. That space of in-between is a state of liminality, a transition in the learning process, the crossing of a threshold. From here we begin to reconfigure our prior understandings, perspectives and conceptual schema. We let go of the conceptual stance we had. Once we reach this post-liminal mode the shift is irreversible and alters our way of being in the world. ~ Michael O’Sullivan

Leading as Love generates liminal space in Service to Life. We are in the liminal space between our stories of the past and consciously co-creating the future of dignity and well-being for all. We are in breakdown to break through. Our old way of life and world is dead and our New Life and World is emerging and unfolding. How are you midwifing its Birth and Leading in Service to Life?

Adapted from: Liminal Leadership

Hidden in Plain Sight: Blinding Glimpses of the Obvious

March 14, 2018

Facts are what we see in our experience. “Facts” are distorted by beliefs and assumptions. Truth and Reality are direct insights on the underlying patterns and unseen interconnections.

Our current divisiveness is nonpartisan. Our political choices mark our morals, values, ethics, and integrity, our spiritual grounding of commitments for what we are here to Bring to Life as Human Beings.

Self-Respect as a Human Being (not our identity as political and other labels) demands that we care about, understand and respect the dignity and well-being of everyone as a human being. Self-Respect means personal responsibility for, along with collective accountability to one another for our shared quality of life. Self-Respect requires both personal and societal conscience and consciousness.

The opposite of Self-Respect is Contempt for Life that ignores what we have been given as stewards to share so that all thrive. Without Self-Respect, we resent and have contempt for others as not being deserving or “good enough.” Disregarding or condemning others’ struggles and suffering is Contempt for Life that violates our own humanity. Contempt for Life denies that we are in this life together. It highlights our own insecurity and need to feel good about ourselves through greater status and privilege over others.

Politics determines our day-to-day lives and we are being shown in explicit detail how we are failing ourselves by ignoring what is right in front of us. We have watched 40 years – two generations – of ongoing, intentional exploitation, manipulation and degradation of our societal-economic-political system of democracy. Without Self-Respect, we look the other way, remain silent or support the intentional disregard and violation of oaths of office, the Constitution and rule of law by those elected or appointed to public office. These include:

Intentional expansion and strengthening of a sense of status and privilege based in gender, race, religion, nationality, location, wealth, etc. Use of status and privilege as the benchmarks for declaring accomplishments: Contempt for Life.

Unbridled capitalism and the orchestrated corporate/business takeover of all branches and levels of government to manipulate profits and wealth accumulation for the few. Use of bribery through political contributions and industry lobbyists as the key advisors for and architects of public policy and legislation: Corruption.

Taxes and budgets that intentionally undermine and withhold funding for what is needed for survival and security, food, housing, health care, education, public safety, infrastructure: Contempt for Life.

Politicians who fail to recuse themselves from decisions that result in direct personal benefit, profit or gain, exploiting their office: Corruption.

Politicians who support and facilitate corporate bullying and blackmail in determining public policy and legislation to manipulate profits: Extortion.

Politicians who act to privatize public assets and the common good (schools, infrastructure, parks, etc.) for development and exploitation: Corruption.

The immoral and corrupt DC national agenda “makes things better” for those in authority just like every other third-world country with gross inequities. It also legitimizes state and local actions that do the same thing.

While many see these actions as “normal”, they are unnatural and inhuman. They all violate Self-Respect. They all inflict physical and psychological trauma and violate our Souls with disconnection from ourselves and others. Trauma and loss of connection are the root causes of violence, addictions, overdoses, and suicides that are epidemic in this country: Our Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness as Human Beings are all being intentionally and systematically violated. Both political parties are equally accountable along with the rest of us… Leaders stand for, embody and enact the Best In Us as Human Beings: Truth, morality, integrity, ethics, and justice.

We have been desensitized to the immorality, corruption and injustice that are in plain sight. This steady eroding of our humanity that we have allowed, accepted and supported by our conformity, compliance and complicity has put us on the verge of a systemic collapse. We have regressed, not progressed as a nation. We have abdicated our responsibility as citizens and accountability as Human Beings. Only we can choose and commit to take action to reverse course: Activate our Self-Respect.

Self-Respect means Freedom from labels, ideologies and agendas that divide, exploit and oppress. Self-Respect means that we are Stewards of Life. When we neglect that each and every one of us is a Steward of Life and remain silent and fail to act, we fail to Lead Life. Stewardship is the Collective Leadership of democracy. Stewardship means that we hold ourselves to be Truthful and deeply accountable for the implication of every choice and consequence of every action in life. It’s time to wake up, open our eyes and look in the Mirror.

We have ALL participated in creating what is before us. Leading Life means that we actively and consciously transform this inhuman culture and system. Together we are called to co-create a world where everyone thrives: Equality and equity, shared power and justice for the dignity and well-being of all. Otherwise we keep falling more deeply into a black hole that emits no Light and is devoid of Life.

What is your Legacy? Do you have the Self-Respect and Courage to Be a Steward of Life? Do you have the Integrity as a Human Being to Be the Leader that You Are and Serve Life as Love? Self-Respect is Self-Love. What is Your Choice and Commitment?