USA: The Independence of Ultimate Self Awareness

July 4, 2018

Lady Liberty Stands For the Light of Ultimate Self Awareness as Truth of Spirit and Sovereignty of Soul that Bring Freedom to Life. Liberation is the Embodiment of Light: The Power of Love.

Truth of Spirit allows for Sovereignty of Soul.
Sovereignty of Soul invites the Freedom of Life.
Freedom of Life establishes the Power of Love.

The Truth of Unity/Oneness and Sovereignty of our Uniqueness/Diversity is Human Integrity: Integral to the Whole, indivisible from Spirit, from Truth, from Life, from Love. These are captured by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution: Equality, Equity, Shared Power, and Justice for the Dignity and Well-being of ALL. This is Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness for We The People.

It’s impossible to lead others if we aren’t Leading our own Lives with this Self-Respect and Integrity. Most politicians fail as leaders: They follow and serve a label, ideology and agenda. Silence in the face of violations of Independence and the Constitution is sociopathic privilege: Politicians know that what is happening in and to our nation is morally wrong and unlawful yet they remain silent. If we ourselves look the other way and accept their silence, we are complicit and not holding ourselves accountable as citizens or as human beings. Democracy requires your Leadership, your visibility and your voice beyond your vote.

This is not about partisanship. The ideologies and agendas being enacted demonstrate a deeper corruption: Our individual Souls and so the Soul of the nation. This is about your own commitment to Self-Respect and Integrity as an American citizen and a Human Being.

Truth is: There is ONE race, the Human Race and we are Equal and equally deserving of Shared Power, Justice, Dignity, and Well-being. Everything else is a Lie and is collapsing. Leaders Serve Truth and Sovereignty for everyone. True political Leaders stand as, with and for our progress towards Freedom as Human Beings not conserving the status quo of status, privilege, power and control.

The rampant contempt for the common and public good, for one another as human beings and life is a crime against humanity: Our own. It is contempt for Truth, contempt for Freedom, contempt for Life, contempt for Spirit. Those who only strive to take for themselves, have no personal or societal conscience, responsibility for or accountability to Life. Contempt for the common good will destroy US from within: It is our own personal disintegrity that causes the collective disintegration that will be our legacy. We are being initiated to expose the betrayal of and take accountability for the restoration of our original and founding principles.

So more than fearing the personal cost of being criticized as an “idealist” or scorned and dismissed as a partisan hypocrite for standing for the Truth of what Matters in Life, I fear silent subservience to the worst impulses in me and around us that I followed and enacted for so many years.

Freedom means no longer considering the “costs” of my commitments to Give mySelf to Serving Life and Truth. The Path is not achieving great things. The Path is the Integrity of Soul with role in Service to Truth and Life. Leaders courageously join role with Soul, Soul with role, the Integrated Wholeness of Love. When we feel certain that the Human Spirit, the Soul, is no longer at work in the world, it’s time to make sure that ours is visible and that we illuminate the dark.

When you acknowledge and embrace all that You Are, you give yourself a great Gift that benefits all. Moving into the Wisdom of elderhood requires maturing through adulthood, getting fierce with Reality so that all that is left is to tell the Truth. We no longer have to posture, pretend or lie to ourselves. Confronting ourselves for what we got right and what we got wrong brings the Grace of Integrity, of Wholeness.

With the Self-Respect, Self-Awareness, Self-Love, Self-Actualization, and Strength of an examined Life, acknowledging our shadow that brings forth our Light, we each become the Leader we need to regenerate our society and nation. Enacting Truth is both uncomfortable and inconvenient. As Leaders, WE are the Makers, not the takers.

Rightly understood, our form of government is the best I know, so I have no interest in abolishing it. But I want to help alter the way it is being abused and undermined, not for the first time, but in my time. ~ Parker Palmer

Ultimate Self Awareness is our Unity, Oneness and Interdependence with Life which is Independence, Freedom and Liberty from the dictates of external patriarchal rule. We commit to give Lady Liberty her rightful place in Life within each of us. Like Lady Liberty, embody and carry the Torch of your Unique Light that illuminates and Liberates Life for ALL. WE each are the Keepers of the Flame of Liberty.

Leadership is the paradox of Sovereign Independence within Unity Consciousness. All For One. One For All. ALL IS ONE. Leading as Love is Service to Life. Leading is Love in Service to Life.

May we all know the Blessings of Your Light, the Spirit of America.


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  • Parker J. Palmer July 14, 2018, 2:27 pm

    This piece is brilliant, and I’m honored to be quoted in it. Among other things, there’s this: “Silence in the face of violations of Independence and the Constitution is sociopathic privilege…” Those of us who care about democracy have a moral obligation to speak up. Thank you for your strong and clear voice. I know it’s not easy these days to speak the truth, so please know that many of us (including me) are not only backing you but trying to follow suit. Thank you!

  • Maurice LeCroy July 16, 2018, 2:02 am

    For plumbing depths and coming back to life on the surface, and for play in paradox, much gratitude.

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