Leading Is Sacred Trust

September 3, 2018

We are being led to a destiny that is not only improbable, but virtually beyond belief altogether. We are truly at the center of an infinite design that depends upon us for its implementation. ~ Ellias Lonsdale 

Leaders advance and integrate the “technology” of Unity Consciousness of Life as Love into our societal-economic-political system. Leaders facilitate this intentional cultural and social design of regeneration and transformation. Leaders build a dynamic bridge to bring our unified, integrated Wholeness of Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul to Life. It is our personal Integrity with Life that transforms our societal-economic-political systems.

Leaders Serve the greater Good of humanity through conscious societal-economic-political Justice that actualizes the possibility and potential of every person, that achieves equality, equity, shared power, dignity, and well-being for ALL. No exclusions. No exceptions.

We can only Lead our own Lives and so others with honesty, morality, ethics, and integrity, with care, understanding, and respect. These are the public face of Love. These are the foundations of both personal growth and human progress.

Political governance and business stewardship are this spiritual Truth enacted in day-to-day life. Governance and stewardship are the profound responsibility to and accountability for the Wholeness of Life. As soon as political office becomes an agent for profits and wealth, and business controls government, the system is corrupted, torn apart, collapses, and fails.

So following the “common sense” of our current culture is profoundly unhealthy and destructive. It is immature and self-limiting. Predatory, parasitic capitalism driven by the manipulative marketing of materialism and consumption for the accumulation of wealth, status, privilege, and power by a few, betray trust and abuse authority. People are used as objects solely for the gratification and glorification of wealth and power. Silence and “playing nice” are sociopathic privilege that leave a legacy of traumatic dehumanization, desperation, destitution, and despair that result in oppression of human potential with addictions and suicides to escape.

This culture blinds us to the infinite possibilities and potential of Life as Love which is the only true Common Sense that unites us. Common Sense: Everyone “wins.” Common Sense: No one is excluded or left behind. Common Sense: All For One. One For All. ALL IS ONE.

Leaders are Makers not takers. Takers will know karmic justice.

Self-Respect. Self-Awareness. Self-Love. Self-Actualization.

Truth of Spirit. Sovereignty of Soul. Grace of FreedOM. Life as Love.

These are our Responsibility and Accountability as Leaders that these times Demand that we Bring to Life.

Who Can We Trust To Lead?

Those who visibly care about, stand for, embody, and enact honesty, morality, ethics, integrity, and decency. These are the foundation of Trust. These are the unifying force required for relationships, common ground and human progress.

How are YOU actively participating in the co-creation of a future that actualizes a thriving world of human potential and possibilities for all? Leading is THIS Sacred Trust. Leading as Love is Universal Leadership which means embodying and actively living the empathy, compassion and generosity of Unity Consciousness.

Today in the USA we celebrate Labor Day. Leading is a Labor of Love. Let us stand for, work together and midwife our rebirth that fulfills our true human potential through universal, fundamental worker, civil and human rights of Life as Love. This is our birthright as human beings and enshrined in the Constitution as Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for We The People.

We KNOW deeply what needs to be done… It’s a matter of personal courage and commitment to what Matters. Leading is Love in Service to Life. Leading as Love is Service to Life. Love Makes a Leader a Leader.

May Blessings Be.

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