Embracing the Unthinkable

November 15, 2016


Many of us are reeling with disbelief that DJT is our President-elect. Many are elated. I continue to have waves of tears of grief. I would like to offer a bit of perspective from the frame of human growth and development and our emotional-psychological-spiritual healing, both individual and collective.

Given that the election results split the outcome between the Electoral College and the majority popular vote, it appears that Trump was “chosen” for a greater reason and purpose that is beyond our conventional comprehension at this time. So read what I share with this perspective in mind. Also consider and include any other situations both personal and collective that you believe are “crises” at this time.

What We Disown Wreaks Havoc

Despite our claims of equality, this country was founded on and the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights were written from a white, patriarchal mindset while we engaged in genocide of Native Americans, slavery of people of color and contempt for and prejudice against women. DJT showed us that these injustices were never healed. These wounds merely went into our subconscious to be played out time and time again through our social-economic-political system and policies that are prevalent today. DJT exposed this with stark clarity; it’s time for each of us to own our participation in this at both individual and societal levels.

DJT’s election is our coming out of denial and acknowledging what is present under the surface. This enables and is a catalyst for our emotional-spiritual healing and growth. We must embrace our darkest shadows before we can integrate them to grow and evolve beyond them. We have never done this and we cannot move forward until we do. DJT’s election symbolizes our readiness to heal and move forward. This does not mean that we placidly conform or remain silent. This does not mean that change will be without the discomfort of disruption and upheaval as we seek and create our way forward.

Hope Is Trust in Life, in Truth.

In order to heal, we have to feel. So, deeply feel your fears, anger and grief and try not to feed them with more fear-based thoughts. As challenging as it may seem, we are asked not to fight, blame, demonize, protest, or call anyone a name that further feeds polarity and separation. We are asked not to judge; we are asked to be Centered in Love and Compassion. Don’t engage with and perpetuate fear. Don’t engage with and perpetuate divisiveness. What we resist persists: Our divisiveness today creates continued divisiveness in the future. Self-righteousness is no different than hate. Channel your emotions into passion for constructive, positive actions that stand for equality, inclusion and justice.

Whether you voted for DJT or not, this election is catalyzing people to take action to change our culture at deep levels. The evolution of our humanity rests upon choosing to match our personal and collective beliefs with our True Nature that nurtures our spiritual as well as our physical needs. These needs cannot be mutually exclusive; one cannot exclude the other.

Unity is founded in the depths of our humanity by healing all forms of separation within ourselves – our beliefs that our labels and agendas are real – not by pretending the separation isn’t there. We are all Leaders as we heal and integrate all divisions within so as to heal all divisions with and among others. Commitment to anything else is not Leadership and is not Love.

We are in a time of mass initiation and awakening. We must allow our hearts to break, personally and collectively, before we can heal. Our emotions are our connection to Spirit that when felt completely, bring us back to the Heart where we can engage fully with Life with Strength and Courage. We are simply ending one and beginning a new chapter that we get to write from a place of conscious Self-Awareness and Action as Love as Truth and Freedom, Unity and Wholeness. This is our Power as Leaders. This is our Power as Creators. This is our Power as Love. We are all in this together: The shared Power of Equality for social, economic and political justice.

Leadership is Service to Life. Leading is Love.

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