Thanksgiving Gratitude

November 23, 2016

Yes, we can focus our life and growth on our external world in terms of position, comfort and meeting our physical wants and achieving our material desires.

This will never bring a lasting sense of Fulfillment of Purpose and Contribution to Life and Achievement of Legacy that only emerges, arises and unfolds through focused Inner Growth and Actualization as a human being. Gratitude is not about what you have, where you are or what you’ve done. Gratitude is about Being the Gift you’ve been given for Who You Are. Life and Fulfillment find you; there is nothing to seek.

If you say that you don’t have time for this, you miss the point. This is Why You Were Born, Why You Are Here in Life, Right Now. There is nothing else that takes priority. If you don’t Be Who You Are, Here, Today, it will be lost for all eternity.

THIS IS LOVE: Living One Vibrational Energy. This is what it means to Be Grateful for Life and express Your Gratitude. Gratitude is Giving of YourSelf.

What is the facet of Love that you embody and are here to Bring to Life that is your Centerpoint for Being in every aspect of life, in every role that you play, in everything that you do? Is it: Compassion, Wisdom, Unity, Wholeness, Service, Truth, Freedom, Balance, Change, Growth, Acceptance, Empathy, Compassionate Service, Love is Everything, Love’s Expression, Union of Unity? These are actual Centerpoints; as Love, they are infinite in number, form and expression. What are the elements, the Beliefs, Values and Commitments, that uniquely come together to comprise your Centerpoint? This is Who You Are as a human being. This is Self-Awareness in Action. This is the Love of LOVE.

This Thanksgiving Commit to Be You, your Centerpoint for Being, as the ultimate expression of Gratitude for Life. Your Life as You Is the Joy and Happiness of Gratitude.

Leadership is Self-Awareness in Action. Leadership is Service to Life. Leading is Love.


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