Our Label-laden Lives

This is a story of how we got where we are.

We are born into this world as a human being free of societal programming and conditioning.

Very early the programming starts. If we are nurtured and held, we feel safe and secure. If not, we learn that life isn’t safe.

Then we learn gender differences, programmed what it means to be a “girl” and a “boy” and our place in society. We take on these rules for approval from our parents. Many are taught that women are “less than” and subservient to men, so women give, give, give seeking approval. Sexism is alive and well.

Then we are programmed for race and what it means to be white, black, Asian, etc. and our place in society. We take on these rules for approval from our family, friends and teachers. Many are taught that being white means that you are privileged and better than others.

Then we are programmed for nationality and religion and we take on these rules. We take on these rules for approval from our family, friends and ministers/priests/rabbis. We are taught that our nationality or religion is the “right” one and better than the others which are “wrong.”

Then we are programmed for conformity and compliance by our schools; trained to get a job to feed the economic system for approval from our family, friends, teachers, and bosses. We are programmed to believe that money and status are the measures of our worth and that being poor, or black, or the “wrong” nationality or religion is a sign of some kind defect and so undeserving. Women were steered into lower paying, supportive careers such as waitressing, teaching and nursing; men towards “leadership” roles of executives, business owner, etc., but they aren’t leaders.

We are not supported in learning to be human beings; we are not supported in being ourselves and reaching our full potential; we are not supported in learning how to learn and grow, to truly educate ourselves; we are not supported in learning to lead.

As some point, we are programmed for politics and we take on these labels and rules and seek to impose these rules on others that feed the wealth, status and power of the social-economic-political system.

Then we get married and take on the labels of wife and husband, our gender programming kicks into high gear and when we have children we pass this and all our labels and rules onto them. We repeat what our parents modeled for us. We repeat how they conditioned us in all our labels and the wounds we received. Most are not free; we are a product of our conditioning unless we consciously commit to Truth and Freedom. So, the cycle continues.

With each of our labels we put on this mask or that costume that we consciously or unconsciously change each time we take on a different label or role. If I am a woman, then I must… If I am a man, then I must… If I am white, then I must… If I am Jewish, then I must… If I am Republican, then I must… Our labels govern and control our lives.

Our labels are our default identity that we use to create our life experience. Layer upon layer the labels accumulate and with continued reinforcement and defense, we no longer know what it means, and are completely separated from ourselves as human beings. And those who are different from us, including those who truly live as human beings without labels and rules, are not to be trusted and become the “enemy” to be ignored, dismissed, avoided, or oppressed: “right” is what our rules tell us; “wrong” is anyone else’s rules.

And our conditioning through modelling, approval and punishment actually gets encoded in our DNA through epigenetics and is passed down from generation to generation, compounding itself with each successive generation. So what we have today is what we ALL have created by our accumulated and compounded participation that has reached the incestuous extremes of a closed system so we are literally destroying ourselves and this planet. This separation from our humanity is the root cause of heart disease, cancer, addictions, mental illness, depression, suicide, genocide, war, etc. because we have continued to violate who and what we are as human beings. We’ve become inhuman and inhumane, programmed robots to feed the money machine. We only know how to follow rules. We do not know how to respond to life with thoughtful maturity, intelligence and heart. So, what we enact is irresponsible, immature, ignorant, unintelligent, unethical, immoral, corrupt, and cruel. Reinforced by predatory marketing, we endlessly pursue material accumulation, status and doing things to fill the emptiness inside.

Our Labels Are Lies

Our labels give a false identity, false senses of ownership and belonging because we are separated and alienated from ourselves, so one another as human beings. They keep us in echo chambers with those who have the same labels, denying our uniqueness and the unique contributions we are here to bring to Life. We each have only one piece of the picture of a thriving life for all; we need to foster both this diversity and our interdependence for survival. We don’t see our human uniqueness inside our labels and their agendas that we work to enact and maintain. Life has been about image and approval, security and support, domination and control.

And we die doing our labels, never having truly or Fully Lived as a human being. Our humanity has been oppressed our entire life. The only way out is to peel away all of the layers of labels and the fear-based wounds and traumas that they have generated. Our humanity is what we universally share; our labels separate. Leaders are those who have jettisoned all labels so they can bring us out of our closed-system, endless feedback loops, ending the cycles of both conditioning and epigenetics, Freed of the burden of our labels.

Chaos and Anarchy

And I can hear some of you: “Without definitions and rules we will have chaos and anarchy.” This is exactly what the fullness of Life as Love is: Chaotic-Anarchy; Anarchical-Chaos.

Life is Chaos: Without form. Love is Anarchy: Without hierarchy.
Life is Anarchy: Without hierarchy. Love is Chaos: Without form.

The origin of Chaos means emptiness, being wide open; it is the process of becoming Whole, of coming into Being. The origin of Anarchy means without a ruler, of order without power. Chaos and Anarchy are Foundations for Life’s Fulfillment and the Source of our soul-utions: The relentless Commitment to Truth and Freedom.

Chaotic Anarchy-Anarchical Chaos is Our Beingness, allowing Mystery, the Unknown and Unknowable, to emerge and unfold from within without distortion or control.

Life is Love. Love is Life… All without the burden of labels.

The Reversal: Right and Wrong

“Right” is what enhances and expands Universal Life as Love.

“Wrong” is what violates or denies Truth: Our Oneness/Unity AND our Uniquenes/Diversity; our Humanity AND our Divinity; our Integrity as Human Beings.

When experience is defined by labels and agendas being “right” is Wrong for Life as Love.

We all need to be honest with ourselves about how we have participated through our conformity or complacency. Silence isn’t kind or compassionate. Only we can change our story by changing ourselves and each of us taking Responsibility for the Whole of Life through Care, Understanding, Respect, and Accountability to one another as human beings for Truth and Freedom.

This is what it means to be a Citizen. This is what it means to Lead. There is only one label that has meaning and Matters: Human Being.

We are in a “course correction.” Those with the Courage to drop all labels for Truth and Freedom will initiate and foster the change and transformation needed for human survival and Be Leaders.

Leading is Love in Service to Life: Living your Centerpoint for Being.

End of story.

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