Remembering and Reclaiming Independence

July 4, 2017

U.S.A. Stands For Ultimate Self Awareness as Love, as Truth and Freedom, that is our personal Leadership in Life, of Love in Service to Life.

Independence is the Truth of Unity (Spirit) and Freedom of Diversity (Soul). Independence is the consciousness of Wholeness, both within ourselves and with and among all others.

Our Declaration of Independence guides our connection with and participation in Life.

Self-Respect allows for, brings forth and creates Self-Awareness.

Self-Awareness activates, sustains and maintains Self-Love.

Self-Love establishes, anchors and embodies Self-Realization, our Truth and Freedom of Being as We The People.

Our Constitution guides our participation as citizens in democratic, societal-economic-political actions and systems.

Equality allows for, brings forth and creates Shared Power.

Shared Power activates, sustains and maintains Justice.

Justice establishes, anchors and embodies our Dignity and Well-being: Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness.

These are our common, shared Centerpoints for Being of co-creative intention as citizens of this nation and this world as human beings.

Remember that You Are Truth of Unity of Spirit and Reclaim Freedom of Soul. Let each and every one of us Declare and Celebrate Independence, our Sovereignty without manipulation that subjugates, oppresses and exploits us in the name of wealth and power. Declare Your Soul’s Independence from labels, ideologies, rules, and agendas governing and dictating your life. In liberating and empowering ourselves we liberate and empower everyone.

These are the Blessings of Independence.

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