Only We Can Stop Destroying Ourselves

Yesterday I had lunch with friends who are leaving Connecticut. During our conversation, they reminded me that I have been championing Leading is Love in Service to Life in various forms for decades. In reflection, early on I hid behind business and mainstream language and concepts, keeping “spirituality” separate. I avoided politics like the plague. It was living a lie.

Truth is, we cannot address business leadership without understanding and addressing governance. And we cannot address governance without understanding business leadership. They are not the same and one cannot substitute for the other. They are mutually interdependent and must work together in synergy in Responsibility for the Whole of Life.

I now KNOW that anything not based in Love, in the Unity of Spirit, is coming undone. It is out of Integrity with the Integrated Wholeness of Life. The corrupt debacle in DC is a perfect example. The collapsing financial solvency of the State of Connecticut is another.

Love enhances and expands Life as the Unity of Spirit for ALL, our conscious awareness of our Responsibility to the Whole, for our individual and collective growth, actualization and Realization as Human Beings, from the inside-out, bringing the Truth-Freedom of our Heart-Mind to action and manifestation.

We Have to Look Deeper

Here in Connecticut we are coming undone because our focus is external on what *seems to work* to achieve results, but in Reality is damaging to our humanity because we have committed to and enact the illusion of our culture that only money matters:

We support and applaud the Defense Industry and new jobs at Pratt & Whitney and Electric Boat when what they do is furnish death and destruction.

We support and applaud the Financial Services/Insurance Industries when what they do is amplify and accelerate wealth extraction for the elite.

We support and applaud the Hospitality/Tourism/Entertainment/Gaming Industries when what they provide are minimum wage jobs for those employed and keep the rest of us entertained and continuously numbed and distracted from what we have created and the Real Work of Being Human: Knowing our Truth of Spirit and Freedom of Soul.

Take a step back and look deeply at all businesses and industries. For most, you will see how they keep us from ourSelves, from our Souls, and externalize all costs onto society. As Joel Bakan says, corporations have the same behavioral profile of psychopaths, without conscience or consciousness. Other research shows that having hierarchical power deactivates the mirror neurons required for empathy. “Practicality” is really the science of fear.

What is evident at all levels of government is that our politicians and the rest of us simply don’t care about Leading or Governance that benefits ALL with harm to none. We care about personal advantage and gain, accumulating wealth, and consolidating and intensifying power for ourselves and the elite. We use and succumb to predatory marketing of lies for unfettered capitalism and privilege for the few: “I got mine, screw you.” This directly undermines our humanity. Focus on maximizing profits and wealth accumulation is the failure to Love, our epic failure in Life. Decadence, the moral decline of self-indulgence, heralds collapse.

What’s on the inside shows up on the outside. Our inner lack of Integrity with Life, with Love, results in societal breakdown. AND this same breakdown is the catalyst and allows for our expansion of conscious awareness. We can’t solve our “problems” with the same egoic thinking that created them. We all can learn to look deeply, at root cause, beneath the surface features that keep us stuck, going round and round with the same useless, ineffective “solutions.” We only find the answers within our Hearts.

Think With Your Heart — Love With Your Mind

Leaders Know the Truth of the Heart: There is MORE than enough to go around. Leaders ask:

How can ALL Share in this Privilege of Life’s Abundance for everyone’s Dignity and Well-being?

How can each and every person have food, clothing and shelter?

How can each and every person have the same high quality of health care?

How can each and every school district provide, and each and every person have, the highest quality of education? This is the foundation of our future. The quality of education in Waterbury, New London, Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford should be equal to that in Westport, Kent, Darien, Greenwich. Public higher education should be without cost to students.

How can each and every person belong and actualize their fullest potential as a Human Being, as a Soul, in their Contribution to Life, to the Dignity and Well-being of All? Leaders are Warriors for and Champion Our Human Spirit.

This is my Vision for Life. No one “wins” unless EVERYONE WINS.

All industries and companies have a Core Essence and Service that Benefit Life: A deep Purpose and Meaning that connects and contributes to Enhancing Life for all. It’s not just about jobs and “economic growth”; there are no winners if we just keep manipulating the score in our favor.

Messages Are Everywhere

Bottom-line: Life is Giving us Messages about our need for Course Correction. If the intent is primarily profits, wealth and power, we will fail. As we used to say to executives at Aetna, people don’t get up every morning and come to work because they are contributing to 15% ROSHE. If the intent includes enhancing and expanding our Human Consciousness through Purpose and Meaning, Connection and Contribution, Self-Determination and Choice, and Growth and Actualization that we can believe in and generate Fulfillment in the Flow of Integrity of Life, WE ALL will Flourish and Thrive.

The Messages will keep coming faster and stronger until we pay attention and enact Love. Leaders Create Love, from Love, with Love, as Love, for Love to Serve Life. Love Makes a Leader a Leader.

We already Know How to Enhance and Expand Life that is Love: Equality, Equity, Shared Power, Justice, Truth and Freedom for the Dignity and Well-being of All. It is happening in many places.

THE ANSWER TO HOW IS YES. This is Awakening. This Is Leadership. This Is Love. This Is Service to Life. What about you? Do you say, “YES”?

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