Commitment to Be a Leader

August 7, 2017

Being a Leader is the commitment to face reality and restore sanity by establishing foundations of common ground to take us into the future. Common ground is the depth of our humanity that is Unity in Diversity. We only create Unity in Diversity for the Greatest Good, when we are in conscious Union with our Spirit-Soul, with our Self, our Truth and Freedom within.

Being a Leader requires Self-Respect, Self-Awareness, Self-Love, and Self-Realization.

Being a Leader means emotional-psychological-spiritual Maturity and Integrity as a Human Being.

Being a Leader means personal and societal conscience and consciousness of Responsibility for the Dignity and Well-being of the Whole of Life.

Being a Leader means relinquishing all notions of certainty, status, privilege, superiority, and control.

Being a Leader means creating the space for possibilities and potential — the insights, inspiration and innovation inherent within each individual and the group — to emerge and unfold for the benefit of all.

Being a Business Leader means dropping the false idols and agendas that the purpose of business is profit and wealth accumulation, the unholy grail of supply-side economics. Profit is an outcome not purpose. Business owners and executives are not leaders.

Being a Political Leader means no longer clinging to party affiliation and adhering to partisan ideologies and agendas. Politicians are not leaders.

Leaders embody, make decisions and take action from decency, honesty, maturity, morality, ethics, and integrity as Human Beings without regard for partisan ideologies, agendas or influence by or use of special interest groups. Leaders focus on Equality, Equity and Justice.

Being a Leader means eliminating the need for debate and compromise by creating and enacting a Third Point or Way that elevates, unites and integrates apparent polarities. This is the Higher Intelligence of Integrated Wholeness of Shared Power, Wealth and Resources so that ALL flourish and thrive.

Being a Leader is the simplest and the most challenging profession. By conscious Choice and Commitment, Being a Leader is enacted through all other professions, careers and roles. It is this Courage that brings day-to-day life into alignment with Life and anchors the Truth of Spirit and Freedom of Soul.

Being a Leader is Living Truth and Freedom in every moment. When we abandon the Truth and Freedom of Life, we reject Being a Leader that this world desperately needs if we are to survive.

Being a Leader fosters Human Development that revitalizes and renews the Human Spirit bringing Shared Abundance to ALL through Purpose and Meaning, Connection and Contribution, Self-Determination and Choice, and Growth and Self-Actualization.

Being a Leader means having the strength to be vulnerable and to stand out in front to meet the coming unknowns as Life unfolds. We can’t and don’t Lead if we follow and obey preconceived labels, ideologies and agendas based in the past.

Being a Leader means designing and birthing new forms of social systems, structures and organization that are in harmony with Life. Anything that is not based in Love that actively moves us towards Universal Equality and Equity, Shared Power and Resources, Justice, and Dignity and Well-being is failing and collapsing. Both individually and collectively, we are in breakdown for break through. By committing to Lead and preparing ourselves now, we are here for everyone to build the future.

Being a Leader means that we make choices to transform our culture and society for the sake of our children, grandchildren and all children yet to come so that they Live in a world of social, economic, political, and environmental justice. The old ways will not work. Love will find its way.

Being a Leader is Love in Service to Life. Love amplifies our commitments and actions towards Truth and Freedom for all.

What about you? Do you Commit to Be a Leader and Serve Life?

I Serve Life by working as a spiritual mentor-partner with anyone who Commits to Be a Leader, who has the Courage to Be Real as a Human Being, face reality and restore sanity.

With deepest appreciation to Margaret Wheatley who continues to challenge and inspire me to Lead Life.

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