2018: On Being What Matters in Life

January 1, 2018

Watching a light snow fall Saturday afternoon, I reflected on Lessons of 2017.

What Matters most in Life is Truth, our Character of Being: Human honesty, morality, ethics, integrity in support of justice, dignity and well-being for everyone. This is the public face of Love in Action that is the Unity of Sovereignty.

Truth is uncomfortable; it triggers dissonance. Truth is inconvenient; it demands change. We all say we want change yet few of us want to engage with change, to fully engage with Truth. Truth invites the strength and courage of self-respect and self-worth to look in the mirror with fierce honesty and ruthless integrity. Truth exposes our self-deception that we use to deceive others and oppress Life. Truth invites conscious choice and commitment to deep change. “What Matters Most?” is a question of self-respect and self-worth as a human being.

Nothing changes without awareness of our patterns and paradigms, our subconscious, fundamental beliefs about life that drive our actions. Our paradigms structure how we see life and blind us to possibilities. Our current paradigm of patriarchal power of wealth, status and privilege is done; it hinders Life.

Leaders don’t “create” unity in diversity which is something that I’ve had “wrong” for years. What I was missing was that Leaders ENACT the Truth of Unity Consciousness: Unity of Sovereignty that is always present. Unity Consciousness brings forth choices and actions that focus on Equality and Equity, Shared Power and Justice, Dignity and Well-being for everyone. Leading is Connection: Care, understanding, respect, and responsibility for and accountability to one another as human beings and for Life.

Leaders embody Empathy expressed as Compassion. Empathy-Compassion is the Flow of Love. Leaders embody Unity expressed as Sovereignty. Unity-Sovereignty is the Expansion of Life. Unity Consciousness is the paradigm of Being that fosters the emerging, evolving Expansion of Life. Leaders are stewards of this New Paradigm.

For good or for ill, our collective future is created moment-by-moment by our individual choices and actions in the present. When you walk this Path of Unity, it takes Strength, Courage and the Willingness to be out in front alone, at the edge which most of us fear, so we ignore or reject the Path.

As I was engaged in Saturday’s reflections, a dear friend called. Our conversation was a reminder that as we actively cultivate our personal and societal conscience and consciousness, our Awareness of Truth, we continuously move forward and evolve. So 2018 holds great Hope, Possibility, Potential, and Promise for justice, the dignity and well-being of everyone.

We are breaking open to breakdown for breakthrough. There is nothing to fear. Life IS Love bringing us closer to the Truth of Being Human. Love means Liberation from our obsolete, unnatural paradigm. This Freedom enacts Unity Consciousness, the Living Truth of Love. With responsibility and accountability for what we have created, the Power is within us to change what is before us.

Leaders ask a simple question: “How can I make Life better for everyone?” This is the humility of Service to our Unity of Sovereignty. In today’s culture, Leaders as public servants are called to ensure basic necessities of life: food, shelter, healthcare, education, safety that are our common foundation for human justice, dignity and well-being. This enables everyone to focus their energies on reaching and contributing their fullest potential rather than on survival. Leaders consciously generate the potential for ALL to become Leaders.

The paradox of Leadership is that we need to Follow in order to Enact Life as Love: Leading is Love in Service to Life. Love Makes a Leader a Leader.

What Lessons did you Learn that you will bring to Life in 2018?

Many Blessings and Much Love for the New Year.

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