Some Thoughts on Compassion… and Leadership

Empathy and compassion as a human being comprise the highest form of intelligence: The Wisdom of the Heart as Love and Service as our Integrity with Life.

Empathy is the embodied Truth of Unity Consciousness, our Oneness that is Love: I Am You, You Are Me, we are in Life together. Empathy is the conscious acceptance of our Responsibility as an integral part of the Whole.

Compassion is the outer expression of empathy, it requires action. Compassion is the commitment to and enactment of our Accountability to ourselves, to one another and to Life: Unity in Diversity, Diversity in Unity. Compassion is the ultimate expression of Love, of Service to Life.

Human morality, ethics, integrity, and justice are the public face of Love, of empathy and compassion. Anything not based in Love is failing, epically.

Empathy is inner, personal conscience and consciousness; compassion is external, societal conscience and consciousness. They are Wisdom and Service, Responsibility and Accountability, two sides of the same coin of Higher Consciousness.

We will only create a society where everyone thrives when those in leadership roles embody empathy and so enact compassion as human beings. Without empathy and compassion, Leadership is absent.

When Power Goes to the Head

Unity Consciousness – empathy and compassion which are the essence of Leading as Love – is literally hardwired into our physiology through our brain’s mirror neurons. Unity Consciousness is physically part of being human.

Our hearts have millions of neurons as well. It is the heart that is our “tuner” that sees the Whole of Life that includes aspects that the mind cannot perceive or comprehend. When the heart is closed, it cannot perceive Life OR connect with the mirror neurons in the brain to activate them so we lose empathy and compassion, and intuition, insights and inspiration. The mind is here to Serve the Heart. Power comes from the Truth of the Heart.

The absence of empathy and compassion is the result of neurological damage caused by fear and need for control that closes the heart.

The absence of empathy and compassion is the abuse of power. Our politicians are literally physically and psychologically (mentally and emotionally) incapacitated as human beings and cannot Lead.

We are witnessing the implosion and collapse of the absence of our Truth of Being and its ultimate rebirth as Freedom and our Sovereignty of Soul: Break open, break down to break through.

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