Leading Is the Sacred Trust of Unity Consciousness

November 14, 2017

We are in this Life together, not for some of us to win, but for all of us to thrive. Leaders embody and enact this Unity Consciousness that is our progress, growth and evolution as human beings.

Not for position or hierarchy.

Not for status, privilege or power.

Not for labels, ideologies or agendas.

The status, profit and wealth accumulation motives that rule our culture and society blind us to other possibilities and our full human potential. We are ALL being tested on our moral and ethical courage, our Integrity as Human Beings. What do you stand for? Who do you stand with?

When we shift how we perceive what Matters in Life, we create new realities. Leaders initiate and guide the paradigm shift from our patriarchal, competitive, power-and-money focused culture and system to an egalitarian, sharing, collaborative system with responsibility and accountability for the whole.

Unity Consciousness is Love in Action that Serves Life: Morality, Ethics, Integrity, Equality, Equity, Shared Power, Shared Resources, and Justice for the Dignity and Well-being of ALL. This is the Truth of Spirit and Sovereignty of Soul. What’s on the inside shows up on the outside.

As we tolerate dishonesty, immorality or corruption, we compromise our own integrity and so contribute to the viral spread of corruption that plagues us. Immorality and corruption have become acceptable as the way things get done and we reward those with status who do this. Eventually, the societal-economic-political system collapses. By our silence and looking the other way, we are participating in our own demise. We have accepted and are being played by the unwritten, invisible rules of power.

In business, politics, education, religion, the media, etc., Leaders have the personal and societal conscience and courage to consciously and actively focus on restoring human morality, ethics, integrity, and justice to our societal-economic-political system and nothing else: No profit motives, no ideological agendas, no power plays, no exploitation. This is the public face of Love, of Unity Consciousness. Love is not silent in the face of immorality or injustice: With silence there is no healing or progress.

The rest of us are called to Lead our Lives in the same way.

Lasting change is possible. We all are called to hold ourselves to this Higher Standard: Leading is Love in Service to Life.

Here is a Vision of the Future of Leadership that I invite you to hold in your Heart and Mind and enact with me.

The Future of Leadership in Politics and Business… and Life

May Blessings Be.

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