The Field of Creation for Leading as Love

October 5, 2017

I have cultivated my understanding and appreciation of Leadership for the past 40 years; Leading as Love for the past 10. Here is the essence of what I have learned through research, observation and personal experience.

Leaders enact and bring forth the inherent Unity within the Diversity of Life based in our shared humanity; it is our common ground for the greatest good already present in life. The elements of Love that are present and embodied by Leaders empower and facilitate infinite possibilities and potential so that that all Succeed, all Thrive, all evolve as Human Beings.

Stewardship is Leadership in business. Governance is Leadership in politics. Both are required for our short- and long-term sustainability and survival as human beings and for Life.

Here are the elements that make up the Field of Creation for Leading as Love:

Unity + Sovereignty + Freedom ∞ Truth of Being.

Morality + Ethics + Justice ∞ Integrity of Being.

Empathy + Compassion + Commitment ∞ Accountability to Life.

Care + Understanding + Respect ∞ Responsibility for the Whole.

Equality + Equity + Dignity ∞ Well-being of the Whole.

Purpose + Connection + Self-determination ∞ Growth of the Whole.

Meaning + Contribution + Choice ∞ Actualization of the Whole.

Self-Respect + Self-Awareness + Self-Love ∞ Self-Realization as Love.

Taken all together, this is what it means to Be a Leader. It’s impossible to Lead from our labels, ideologies and agendas which can only separate. Leaders Realize Life’s Infinite Possibilities and Potential of Love.

The absence of any element is the absence of Love, the absence of Leadership, and the organization or system fails. The chaos of this wide-spread collapse is what we see today; we are in breakdown to break through.

Anything that denies Spirit or corrupts our Soul’s expression, blocks Leadership which is Love in Action. Leading as Love bridges, unites and merges all polarities, dissolves all inequities.

Leading is Love in Service to Life: Love Makes a Leader a Leader.

What’s on the inside shows up on the outside. Who do you choose to be?

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