A Simple Guide to What It Means to Be A Leader

January 25, 2016

Simple does not mean easy. Leaders live in questions, not answers.

How do I ensure the dignity, well-being and growth of each and every person as a human being?
How do I engage in co-creative collaboration allowing Life to expand, to emerge and unfold?
How do I balance and integrate diverse perspectives into choices and actions that benefit all?

The Answer to How Is Yes.

Leaders Are Love’s Presence

Who and what do I need to Care About that expands our meaning and contributions in Life?
Who and what do I need to Understand with compassionate comprehension?
Who and what do I need to Respect and not control or limit in any way?
What is my Responsibility in current circumstances and our mutual responsibilities for the future?

Leaders Create Unity in Diversity: Simple Truth of Life

How does this fulfill our unity and interdependence?
How does this fulfill our uniqueness and diversity?
How does this fulfill our freedom of choice?

Where are we disregarding our unity and interdependence?
Where are we disregarding our uniqueness and diversity?
Where are we disregarding our freedom of choice?

Leaders Embody Unity. Leaders Are Unique. Leaders Are the Truth and Freedom of Being.

We Are All Leaders in Life

Leaders Expand Truth and Freedom for All.
Leaders Live in Integrity, Authenticity and Security of their Centerpoint for Being.
Leaders Live the Uncertainty of Life.
Leaders Live Possibility and Potential.
Leaders Live without Easy Answers.
Leaders Trust themSelves, Life and so others.

We are all Called to Lead as Love.

The Commitment to Lead as Love is the one change that Changes Everything. It starts with you.

What is Your Choice? How may I Serve You?

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