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July 20, 2015

I am a Partner in a Dance. I am one part of a greater whole. My facet is complete unto itself. Yet it really takes a shared moment for this to come alive as intended. I live for the sensation of being tapped, of being asked to give of my essence and let the Truth resound all through my Being. How can I not seek the charged moment of encounter? I am the breath of new Life, awaiting winds that blow. ~ Ellias Lonsdale

Each and every one of us is a Centerpoint for Being, a point of balance, of stillness where our body, mind, heart, and soul are in integrated wholeness, in integrity and authenticity as our unique Truth and Freedom and in unity with the flow of Life as Love.

Each and every one of us also has a predominant ego structure that we have taken on as “true” and “real” that separates us from our Centerpoint. Mine is a need to be “valued” so that I lived others’ expectations for how I should show up, for what I should say or do, or what I should not say or do. The price I paid was a loss of Self-Value, Self-Worth, Self-Love. As I showed up more and more as the Truth and Freedom of my heart and soul, the price I paid was the loss of “friends” who couldn’t look in a Mirror of Self-Love. What is caring to the growth of the soul often seems “punishing” to the ego.

Truth Heals, bringing Freedom as we accept that no matter how disruptive or uncomfortable to our ego structure, Love is inviting us back into Being ourselves. It takes great strength and courage to look at one’s self and one’s life through the eyes of Love as Truth and Freedom.

Your Centerpoint for Being

  • Is your personal Truth and compass for Compassion, the ultimate flowering of Love.
  • Attunes you with your Heart-Mind, the impulse and flow of Life as Wisdom, Love and Service.
  • Is your Unique Purpose, Power and Passion, Your Contribution to the Whole that brings Peace, Joy and Fulfillment.
  • Is the catalyst, source of and channel for your greatest Potential and Growth.
  • Gives you boundless Freedom of Spirit and expression.
  • Provides your Path of integrated wholeness, giving you a nonjudgmental context and vantage point for yourself and your Life. When you are clear about who You Are, what no longer Serves you falls away.
  • Is your foundation for Self-Love.

You Lead Your Life

Perhaps our greatest fear is of Love as Truth and Freedom. There is no past with regret, guilt or shame. There is no future with expectations, apprehension or anxiety. There is no comparison, competition or conflict. There is no hate, the rejection of Love, or evil, the absence of Love.

There is only the excitement of Now, with all its messiness as Life unfolds. We Are Present, wide open, courageous, without labels, ideologies or rules that tell us how to look, what to think, say or do, what goals to go after, or what we must have in order to “fit in.”

Freed of the belief that conformity means you are connected and belong, there is no need for approval that we take as “love.” You Are an integral part of and moved by Life Itself, inspired by your unique Centerpoint within. You Are the Power of Love.

Leading as Love is our mastery of Being a human being, our Heart-Mind of unity and infinite intelligence as Spirit in physical form consciously creating Life. It is only as you Lead your Life that you Lead others.

As We Love We Lead – As We Lead We Love

Leading as Love is the conscious, active application of your Centerpoint for Being, your unique guiding principles, for every aspect of Life to unfold as Love. I guide you to your own inner voice of wisdom to consciously experience deeper meaning, purpose, contribution, growth, and choice.

In your 20’s and 30’s – Establish your inner foundation for Life.

In your 40’s and 50’s – Discover your universal contribution to Life.

In your 60’s and beyond – Actualize your legacy in Life.

We work together in a grounded, practical way in all aspects of your day-to-day life.

I Serve as a Friend who is a Maverick, Mystic, Messenger, Midwife, Mentor, Minister, and Partner in Life. As a coach, I work with you in the discovery and exploration of your Truth and Freedom. You strengthen and expand your expression of your unique Centerpoint for Being. You Lead as Love.

The commitment to Lead as Love is the one change that changes everything.

How may I Serve You?

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