The Costs of Our Political Silence

February 20, 2018

Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence…

And no one dared
Disturb the sound of silence…

Silence like a cancer grows… ~ Paul Simon

Silence is why we are where we are. Silence is complicity. Silence is our absence of Self-Respect as a human being. Silence is lying to and betraying ourselves.

Silence means that 14 more children and 3 teachers are now dead. What if this school was in your town or legislative district? More thoughts and prayers?

Silence means that every child, parent and teacher in the US lives with the chronic stress and trauma of fear of dying at school which is supposed to be a safe place of growth and learning. Silence means they are taught instead that their life is not worth protecting; they aren’t good or deserving enough.

In our society everyone has a degree of PSTD because our culture dehumanizes. Escape from and coping with traumas IS the root cause of our epidemics of anger, addictions, overdoses, and suicides. What’s this level of trauma in your town or legislative district?

I am deeply grateful for our children who are finding their purposeful voices to say Enough, No More. They are the Leaders of our collective future. I stand with them and Bless them.

Silence means that millions of human beings will lose food, housing, health care, and education. How many are in your town or legislative district? How many will die? The Right to Life with dignity and well-being is a Human Right.

Silence means that millions of women have been subjected to generations of patronization, subservience, obedience, degradation, discrimination, harassment, abuse, and assault by the patriarchal culture of male privilege. Yes, #MeToo. How many in your town or legislative district? Every. Single. Woman. This includes your mother, your wife, your sisters, and your daughters.

Silence means that politicians represent, protect and defend their label and the patriarchal power paradigm, not our equality and equity, shared power and justice, and dignity and well-being as human beings.

Silence to make politicians look good and feel good about how they look while pretending nothing is wrong and ignoring what is happening in DC asserting that it doesn’t matter here is NOT leadership. It’s a lie and manipulative marketing that is a cover-up and deflection for the same underlying immorality and corruption that is in DC. It is the same silence used by both neoliberal Republicans and Democrats. We aren’t blind or stupid. Time is up.

Silence that enables Dominion’s and other corporate bullying, extortion and lack of transparency instead of calling them out is collusion with corruption.

Silence is why everything in our societal-economic-political system is about profit, wealth, status, power, and privilege of a few, screw everyone and everything else. Silence strengthens, amplifies and spreads this patriarchal power paradigm that oppresses and dehumanizes everyone, including you. None of us are supposed to stay in this inhumanity and suffering. We are meant to acknowledge it and our participation in creating it without guilt and shame so that we heal and move forward. Together.

The inconvenient Truth is that in order to heal we must acknowledge where we are, and all those deep, dark, uncomfortable places that we avoid. Right now every piece of immorality and corruption is being and will continue to be exposed. Leaders are our Teacher-Healers who take responsibility for and accountability to the Whole of Life. Leaders foster and restore our humanity. We ALL are Leaders.

So ask yourself, what kind of example are you setting and future are you creating for our youth (and your grandchildren) by your silence? None of this Serves Life. As the children are saying, “We call BS.”

Choices have implications, actions/inaction have consequences. This is legacy. Karma is a bitch. Life is ruthless in exposing what violates our Souls.

There is no greater Love than Truth. I am here to hold up a mirror and call out the BS and support, encourage and midwife those who are willing to Commit to Be Leaders, to Stand For the Truth of Spirit and Sovereignty of Souls with Self-Respect, Self-Awareness, Self-Love of Self-Realization. No hypocrisy here. Ideologies and agendas are NOT Truth; they exploit, manipulate and deny our humanity. Without Self-Respect, we do not respect others or Life.

Some put me in a “female” and “liberal” box so that they can justify in their mind to deny and dismiss what I say. I Live the “human being” worldview of possibility and potential, of Service to Life. Others can’t always see this larger worldview because they have chosen the “patriarchal-partisan” box.

I Commit to BE why Life put me here on Earth at this time: To midwife our Voices of Higher Consciousness and Power of Light, our expanded intelligence, intuition, insight and inspiration that Serve Life. I won’t be Silent. I won’t compromise my Soul and Integrity that denies my Life. As our children are discovering, Truth cannot be silenced.

It comes down to this: If we are silent in the face of immorality, corruption and injustice, we abdicate our responsibility as citizens and accountability as human beings. Are you Silent or have you found your Voice of the Truth of your Soul, of Life?

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