We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For

March 2, 2018

We are ALL simply conduits, bearers of energy, whether you call it Life Force, Prana, Source, Kundalini, Essence, Presence, Tao, etc. Life energy is the unseen within each of us that we bring into creating our physical experience. We ARE this energy of the Unity of Spirit (Love) and Sovereignty of Soul, the Alpha-Omega, Our Origin as Love is our Destiny.

Leaders are those who allow this energy to flow through them and move them unimpeded or distorted by labels, ideologies, beliefs, agendas to meet ego’s needs. Leaders bring our destiny into the present. Leaders end the war of deception, of distortion, of delusion that goes on every day in the name of “normalcy.”

Few politicians and executives are leaders. Politicians and executives manage people and life as objects to be controlled in servitude to the profit motive, extracting wealth and value for owners and shareholders rather than creating value that serves our dignity and well-being.

Leaders focus their energy on creating an environment so that we ALL Thrive, we grow, evolve and actualize as Human Beings: Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; body, mind, heart, and soul. This is human Integrity, our Wholeness within ourselves, with one another and with Life. When a politician or executive commits to Be a Leader this is their focus. Leading means being fully human.

In practical terms, this means that everything in our societal-economic-political system actively Serves Life:

Our physical well-being and security through food, housing, healthcare, and public safety for ALL.

Our mental well-being and intellectual growth that fosters intuition, insights and inspiration through life-long education for ALL.

Our emotional well-being through connection, inclusion, participation, and contribution for ALL.

Our Spiritual well-being through fulfillment of Purpose, our individual Gifts and so Collective Leadership of the evolution of Life itself: Our Origin as Love is our Destiny. The Truth of Spirit is our Depth of Humanity.

Since this is an election year, here are a few things to watch for in political campaigns which are for the most part distorted, deceptive marketing.

Candidates manipulating their image with claims of leadership or being a leader yet:

Follow along in loyal allegiance to and defense of a label, ideology and agenda, blame the “other side” and hide behind the mask of their label.

Are silent about or publicly support/enact immoral, corrupt, unethical, and unjust actions as “making things better.” Silence is consent and complicity. Support is collusion. They are all violations of the oaths for elected office to support the Constitution and Rule of Law.

Act to conserve the status quo of the patriarchal power paradigm of wealth, status and control for the few, keeping us in the past not facilitating the future.

These actions contradict and disprove the claims: They want us to believe their distorted publicity.

In contrast, true Leaders focus on who they are as Human Beings with the maturity of Self-Respect and empathy, the compassion and wisdom to Serve others and Life:

Are transparent and expand their perspectives to the big picture, the larger context that fosters understanding, collaboration and resolution. Take responsibility for and accountability to the whole so that ALL Thrive.

Embody the courage and strength to stand for their own and everyone’s sovereignty and integrity as human beings. Publicly state what they stand for as a human being and call out immorality, corruption and injustice as blocking common ground and shared power of Collective Leadership.

Actively bring the future of equality and equity, shared power and justice for the dignity and well-being of everyone into the present.

Pay attention. Watch choices and actions not words to know character. Vote for Truth. Vote for Sovereignty. Vote for Leaders who stand for and as our Integrity as Human Beings, not ideologies and agendas, and the rest will take care of itself: Life as Love will emerge and unfold. We Are the Ones We Seek. All for One. One for All. ALL IS ONE.

Leading is a Sacred Trust that Brings Truth to Life. Leading as Love in Service to Life is the one change that changes everything.

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